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How often do you chat to your grown up children?

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  • I wish my mum would use technology *sigh*

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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    We have a weekly family phone call Sunday 9pm and then have a family whatsapp group so put anything of interest on that. We started the phone call when eldest when to uni and it’s carried on from there. I have a family of men and if we hadn’t organised this would have probably not spoken for weeks at a time.
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  • I'm a female in my early 20s and I message with my mum throughout the day, everyday, as it's easier than trying to make time for a phone call. I don't believe she has the same level of communication with my siblings, but the pair of us are very close which may explain the frequency! I find speaking with her like this very useful at keeping in touch; it's been the same since I left for university five years ago!

    I generally don't call nor text with my dad, though he may call once every few months to arrange a dinner or something. We don't have that kind of a relationship, so we save discussion for in-person conversations!
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  • SensibleSarahSensibleSarah Forumite
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    I'm a woman aged 40 - lived away from home (about 100 miles away) since aged 20. I generally call my mum (now in her early 70s) about once every 3 months. We do occasionally text between times but not always. She virtually never calls me - always me calling her.
    When my Dad was alive, I'd probably speak to him slightly more often, but not much. Low maintenance family fits me just fine!
    My brothers speak to her much more often. One lives with her so that's to be expected :) and the other has kids that she looks after for a few hours each week so they see each other most weeks.

    I have friends who speak to their mum every day and I just can't contemplate what they have to talk about! :D
  • seven-day-weekendseven-day-weekend Forumite
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    Our son speaks to either me, or his dad, most days. He has mild Aspergers so sometimes it is a monologue where we can't get a word in edgeways. :) He is 39.

    His partner sees her mum on a Saturday and her dad on a Sunday (her parents are divorced), but I don't know how often she speaks to them in between. She is 32.

    We all live in the same city.
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  • MadmelMadmel Forumite
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    I speak to my dad 2 or 3 times per week but never at specific times. Even though he's 84 and lives alone, he has a better social life than I do! My sister lives abroad and phones him every day. I don't know what they talk about, from hearing dad's side of a conversation, it's mostly her prattling on about nonsense.

    DD1 is 20 and a student. I like to know she's ok when she's at uni or away. She is pretty good at tweeting, texting or WhatsApping once each day so I know she's still alive. Last term she was pretty busy so we only spoke 3 times, twice on the phone and once on FaceTime, but were still in daily contact. DD2 is about to go to uni. She won't use WhatsApp ("it's for old people") but will text.
  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    Thank you all for making me feel more normal, whatever that is!

    Before Dad died, phone calls would be brief and to the point. Mum couldn't use the phone except by Text Relay, which made calls long and involved. Fortunately she used email, just about, so that was our main form of communication, and almost daily.

    My MIL phones weekly and I usually speak to her.

    Our boys rarely phone or initiate contact. And I generally need to prod one of them to reply. They work on a 'need to know' basis ....
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  • ViolaLassViolaLass Forumite
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    I'm not sure lads/boys/men are necessarily different (as a group), we're all different.

    I'm female and speak to my mother about 4 times a year. We'll email when we think of something to say to each other, perhaps every couple of months.
  • dekaspacedekaspace Forumite
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    I have a ASD myself, if I don't ring for 2/3 days my mum rings me but then I have no partner, struggle to make friends etc so its to stop me being lonely she also visits every 2 months or so, used to be more often but she has to deal with other things nowadays such as her sisters/cousins
  • dan958dan958 Forumite
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    Madmel wrote: »
    She won't use WhatsApp ("it's for old people").

    Is it? I'm 26 and only started to use Whatsapp recently as it is easier to have grouped conversations (I don't use Facebook messenger). I always thought whatsapp was something the generation after me did more.

    Everyone seems to keep changing apps, whatsapp, then snapchat, then instagram. I can't keep up with all that.
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