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dental pain

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magicman62magicman62 Forumite
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Last week I went to the dentist with toothache after biting hard on a piece of hard cornflake...he said I had broken the tooth and it was infected. I was antibiotics and planned to remove the tooth this week ..this was a total disaster and the fact I am going on holiday in 2 weeks mad things even more urgent ...I had 2 injections which failed to numb the area properly so he gave me another one, which still did not work properly, but I said I would take the discomfort just to get it over with and have max healing time before my hols. Unfortunately, the tooth would not budge and his attempts were getting very painful so he said he would have to break the tooth, but when he tried his drill would not work. the next plan was to open the tooth and extract the nerve, the pain was horrendous. He has also referred me to the hospital, however, I am now left in permanent pain the tooth is now extremely sensitive to pressure ' the ache and the hot and cold probs have gone. is this likely to get better as I realise the whole area has been traumatised ... Any advice would be grateful as I don't want this to ruin my holiday.


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    These things always happen at the most inconvenient of times.

    I'm afraid I can't give much specific advice as a tooth like this is a complete lottery. It may be fine, it might not.

    There will be a certain amount of trauma to the area from the things that have been attempted, and some of that should certainly settle. Unfortunately there is no magic wand that can be waved.

    Right from the moment that tooth broke so close to the holiday - there would have been nothing that could have been done that would 100% guarantee you a trouble free holiday.

    See how things settle, take pain killers as appropriate and safe, and get advice from the dentist who has seen you and knows exactly what has happened. Check that your health insurance would cover problems and that you would be happy to seek dental treatment wherever you are going if needs be.

    If you plan ahead for the problems - then chances are you will not need it!
    How to find a dentist.
    1. Get recommendations from friends/family/neighbours/etc.
    2. Once you have a short-list, VISIT the practices - dont just phone. Go on the pretext of getting a Practice Leaflet.
    3. Assess the helpfulness of the staff and the level of the facilities.
    4. Only book initial appointment when you find a place you are happy with.
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    magicman62magicman62 Forumite
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    Thanks, I phoned my docs today and asked for some more painkillers as have some for another problem, they refused so I spoke to the dentist, so going back tomorrow. at the moment I cannot eat without pain even the softest of food ..PS flying to Egypt in 2 weeks today... I don't really fancy not being able to eat or drink...
  • I think I need a change of dentist, I have lost all faith now he does not even know his drugs He prescribed me CO-CODAMOL 30/500 ,the pharmacist would not dispense them as he said the dentist was not allowed to prescribe them.going to try and get this sorted and get a 2nd or at least made comfortable enough for my holiday ...
  • suejb2suejb2 Forumite
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    Check which medications you are allowed to take.
    Life is like a bath, the longer you are in it the more wrinkly you become.
  • worried123worried123 Forumite
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    just read this thread. hoping you got your tooth sorted out and managed to enjoy your holiday.....teeth! they can cause so much expense, in convenience and misery no matter how well you look after them.
  • ErgatesErgates Forumite
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    suejb2 wrote: »
    Check which medications you are allowed to take.

    This times 100. Be *very* careful taking prescription painkillers abroad. Some of the more powerful ones are controlled substances in other countries (in the UK too) and can get you in deep trouble if you try to bring them into some countries.
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