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What can my 12 yr old do

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  • contact your local rugby club
    saving for more holidays
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    My car needs washing....
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    Really depends on whether they want to do something just for what's left of the school holiday or something that he can do longer term.

    If it's the later then what about sea cadets/air cadets/army cadets? You don't have to want a career in the military to join and they get a lot out of it both in terms of friendship & opportunities for personal development.
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    Another vote for Cadets.

    Builds confidence, friendships, responsibility. It is also educational and fun.
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    When I was younger, my parents signed me up to a bunch of sports lessons activities (I think it was a local sports hall). They were not proper lessons, but it was like 6 weeks (I went every Saturday) of a bunch of kids learning how to play cricket, volley ball, then badminton etc

    Great way of getting the kids out of the house, interacting with lots of people their age, and trying different sports to find out one they like.
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    How about Scouts or Cadets? Scouts to a variety of activities, some physical, it's a good opportunity to make friends and experience different things.

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    I have younger children and there are so many activities and holiday clubs for them but nothing for 12 yr olds.
    My eldest has no confidence and struggles with friends, so he is seeing lots of kids his age going out enjoying themselves just “hanging out” and he is stuck in his room.
    I’ve approach sports places/gyms but they’re all over 16 only.
    He is overweight so any suggestions that would help him lose weight would be great!!
    I’m doing as much as I can with him but with 2 younger ones he doesn’t want to do stuff with them understandably:(

    Ask at your doctor's surgery or health centre, and not-for-profit fitness facilities or swimming pools (council/ YMCA).
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    Third vote for cadets. My son was the most timid boy imaginable, joined the sea cadets and three years later he's incredibly confident and will have a conversation with anyone.

    Volunteering is another confidence booster (although he would probably need an adult with him as he's 12 - parkrun is great for this).

    Our local library runs clubs for kids/young people. As do most of the local sports teams.
  • Couple of good suggestions mentioned from rugby to cubs. They are ideal as they will inspire confidence and teamwork.

    Both my kids when you're were subject to bullying so we signed them up for judo. This does wonders for your self esteem and confidence as well as promoting long term friendships and respect for elders. My son now runs the club and daughter went on to fight for England at BJA level.
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    As it's been over a month since the OP posted and the school holidays are now over, it would be good to get some feedback from them on whether any of the suggestions were adopted ......
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