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New! Student Finance Calculator 2012

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  • Hi, nice idea, can see this being helpful, but 2 big reasons not any use to me
    1) I did a full time 2 year course, there is no 2 year option, and;
    2) I cannot put in a maximum salary. I am in NHS, I have salary increments each year for a number of years but then when reach top of my banding at (I think around) 34,000 that's where I'll stay. The tool assumed increments continued to a salary of over 83,000! If only!!
  • Hi,
    When I use Martin's calculator and type in a starting salary of £21000 the calculator predicts a repayment over 30 years of £2250 yet the table in section 5 of Martin's 'Student Loans Mythbusting' article (link below) suggests a repayment amount of £21000. Can anyone help with this?
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Both come up as £2250 for me.
  • Well if you look at the table I referred to just above where section 6 starts you'll see it's £21000. Sorry I cant provide a link.
  • Hi guys, thanks so much for the tool. I am lucky enough to be starting on a salary slightly higher than the maximum you can enter on this tool. Would it be possible to increase the maximum? If you use 2% inflation and the fact the tool was created 8 years ago, the £60k would be at £70k now anyway. Or perhaps there could be a tick box at the bottom to extend the salary bar, to make this change less obnoxious? Thanks for the help!
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    I think the calculator is lowballing it.

    It says I will have to pay £6940 but every other calculator says I have to repay £50k+
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