Sudden Change Of Redundancy Plans

Hi All,

My site in a large company is closing. We were made aware of this a while ago and although some workers were informed that they would be leaving by the end of the year, the rest were not expected to leave until the end of next year.
I'm a long serving member of over 30 years.
I work in a team of 4, which is a manager (not me), a consultant (self employed/working from home for more than 5 years) and two equal staff (me being one).
Both myself and the other member of staff have the same contract and job description but the other person has less experience than me and has not completed training in all tasks to do with the job.
I have now been informed that I am being made redundant at the end of the year.
In monetry terms (which is my main concern), any redundancy I will get has been wiped out by the loss of a years earnings.
I have already asked if the consultant will be going and have been told yes but I think it is likely that because they have worked for other sites within the business, they might get snapped up to do other work. In all honesty, I don't really trust the company I work for to do the right thing. They've got form.
We also have temporary staff working within the group. It hasn't been confirmed but I can't see how we would function without them for the final year. Obviously with over 30 years experience, my skills are good, so I would be able to do other different roles within my department. Some of them actually used to be my job before I was promoted (I've been here a looooong time!)

My questions are:
Should there have been a proposal to BOTH equal members of staff that one of us will be made redundant?
Should I be offered a role which is currently being filled by a temporary member of staff?

I looked on the ACAS website but couldn't find anything. I haven't called them yet.
I am in the Union but I just wanted an opinion before contacting them.
I'm going to lose a huge chunk of money which I wasn't really expecting.


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    Do you and the other person do the same work?

    you will need to go through a a consultation

    you can point out why you are needed till the places shuts.

    you can ask them why you have not been pooled with the other person and gone through a selection process.

    you still have time to look for other jobs.

    you could ask they bump others(say some temp workers) so you can stay as you are more useful as they wind down.
  • Thank you for your reply,

    We don't do the same work at the moment but that is purely down to the company not providing training as promised to my colleague, so they are less skilled than me.
    The consulatant does the same job as me but has more experience. This, again, is down to training not being provided as promised.
    I have a one to one consultation on Thursday but I really want to be prepared.
    I have raised the training issue as it was originally raised as a grievance but was never resolved.
    The current role I am in has absolutely been the worse job I have ever done here but it is all about the money really. A whole year wiped out in one go!
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    Just because they said it might be a year did not guarantee a year's wage.
    No job is secure.

    If the consultant can do your job they can keep them on as much easier to get rid at short notice.

    They can spread your workload to others if there is any that needs doing

    Plenty of time to sort out a new job to line up with a termination end of year.
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