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    I have a set of plastic over-door hooks. Most of my doors are wedged open for the cat, so I hang my worn but still pretty clean clothes on one set on hangers so the creases drop out. (My washed but trying to avoid ironing clothes are put on hangers on another to dry in damp weather.) I too have lots of clothes from a spendy time of life, and also because I've put on a lot of weight but always plan to lose it. I am trying to reduce my laundry (water, detergent and energy use). I have friends who wash towels after every use which seems to be overdoing it if they are used to dry clean bodies.
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    I too am a fan of the 'sniff test'. If its been particularly warm then wear and wash but if I haven't worked up a sweat then back in wardrobe - usually at end of that type of clothes so that I can wear again the next week (when at work)
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    I'd advise caution about putting worn items back into drawers or wardrobes. I used to do this a few years ago and ended up with some holes, due to moths. From what I understand, what passes our "sniff test" would still be attractive to the moth and they'd enjoy nibbling away in the dark. Also, as another poster has said, I don't like the idea of part worn clothes touching unworn clothes - it just feels wrong to me.

    My method used to be the chair, but these days I try and hang up items when I can. So a t shirt, polo shirt or fleece that still has some "wear days" left in it will be hung up on the bedroom door. This also reminds me to actually wear the item again too.

    I like ouraggie's system as a crate for jeans, shorts and joggers with wear left in them is brilliant. I'm definitely going to organize this.

    I also like the description of category from 1 to 4 for clothes. I think I've been trying to do this for years, but ouraggie's post really summed it up for me.
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    I have an old fashioned clothes horse, which is just a fancy version of the chair method :p ........[/QUOTE]

    I have a wooden towel stand that came from a charity shop during my 'shabby chic' phase (aka attack with sandpaper and F&B paint).

    It holds the current selection of partly worn garments plus a few bags slung over the raised ends.

    Himself uses a chair, which i excavate regularly after once finding his Xmas jumper still there in May....
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    Watching this post with interest - I use the "The Chair" method, with limited success:rotfl: hope I can learn something more useful!

    Mine too. If it's on the chair, I can wear it again on a day when more suited to the weather in the case of cardis or whatever. When the weather is changing I don't always want the same sort of top each day.
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