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    ...and if you follow the link, you'll get a warning that the site is not secure, has a certificate that is not valid and your browser will recommend you not to proceed. Trying to do so gets a further warning that 'you will need to modify your system settings'.

    Looks a great offer but that message is worrying - and occurs whichever browser I try.
  • I have tried the link several times and it DOES NOT WORK !!!

    Such a disappointment !

    Does anybody know what went wrong ?
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    Does this work for theatres in Scotland?
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    Lots of error messages this morning, then when the site came back they were not accepting any more applications. I do hope that all those who rushed to join can genuinely use the opportunity to buy the tickets.
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    I've just signed up (14.19) without any problems
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    The Audience Club mentioned in today’s weekly email doesn’t have a waiting list and is not accepting new memberships until 2020. It’s mentioned on their home page.
  • I have just signed up this morning using the link on Martins daily email and all went through ok, no warning messages either! Received a confirmation email too.
  • Hi, it might be the volume of people trying to access the page/use the link. I have signed up this morning with no issues or warning messages. Hope this helps :)
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    I've just joined too, no problem with the link x
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    So I just checked Central Ticket's trustpilot rating. Unfortunately, they are spamming fake reviews onto the trustpilot site, which makes me very wary!

    Until 9 February 2019, they had 3 reviews (all negative). On 10 February 2019, they had TWENTY PAGES of positive reviews all appearing one after the other, all using similar phrasing and making similar points. The company also replied to the 3 previous negative postings on 10 February 2019.

    Sometimes it's hard to be sure if fake reviews are being posted, but the order of events listed above makes it clear that this time, they are clearly doing something naughty.

    I don't do business with companies that engage in posting fake reviews to Trust Pilot...buyer beware!

    Anyone know how to report this to Trust Pilot in a way that gets them to remove all the fake reviews?

    -edit- I've signed up to trust pilot and reported this company! Let's see what they do...if anything...

    -further edit- they also bait and switch with their prices. The initial prices quoted are lower than the price you see once you get to the checkout page....very infuriating!
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