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Help with hearing aids

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I'm currently aged 49 so almost 50 and have struggled with hearing loss for a number of years which I have lived with

Ive had enough and want to get some hearing aids sorted

Hopefully NHS ones as have low income and will struggle to pay

Do I need to see Doctor to refer me for hearing test or can I go to spec savers and still get NHS hearing aids?

Many thanks


  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Doctor first.

    Specsavers were agents for the local NHS Trust when my MIL needed them but I don't know if that is the case elsewhere in the country. Excellent Service and Specsavers was far more convenient than the hospital.
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  • MrsnMrsn Forumite
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    I had one of the free hearing checks at boots who advised me I needed to see my DR due to the results.

    I was referred to the ENT department at my local hospital in the July and had my hearing aids by the October. Didn’t have to pay for them and the replacement batteries are also free of charge (you will get through this quiet quickly!)

    I was 33 when I got mine and I didn’t realise how bad my hearing was without them. Good luck!
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    you go and see your gp he or she will refer you for tests which might be with specsavers or might be at a hospital
  • unforeseenunforeseen Forumite
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    They are not quick. I've been waiting over 3 months now since they had my service medical records and haven't heard anything back yet about an initial hearing test through them.

    Talking to others in my AFVBC who applied through them, 6-9 months is standard before anything starts happening.
  • Missus_HydeMissus_Hyde Forumite
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    My husband is as deaf as a post in his right ear and has restricted hearing in his left. He went to his doctor, who referred him to Action for Deafness who do work with the NHS.

    Long story short, they were excellent, gave him a hearing test and fixed him up with super hearing aids (he didn't get on with the first lot they gave him, so they tried another pair and those work really well.) The biggest problem is actually getting him to use them!! :( :cool:

    I had ear wax in my ears, which was really awful, but I went to the above company who sorted the problem easily; it cost me £70, but it was well worth it!! ;):p
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    I was referred by my Dr to our local audio clinic at my local hospital and iyt was fairly quick about three weeks. I now have one in each ear, and they are fine, and the batteries are free as well I came out of the hospital marvelling that I could hear birds singing It was great

    JackieO xx
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    My hearing aid is driving me mad. It makes everyone other than the person I want to hear too loud, but does nothing for clarity.

    It's only useful in two places - my tai chi class and our monthly quiz. Both are places where one person at a time is speaking. However, I can't hear a teammate whisper a suggestion for an answer.

    I have an appointment at audiology tomorrow so I'm hoping for some help.
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  • greatgimpogreatgimpo Forumite
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    Hospital referral through your doctor will get much better results than Specsavers, more thorough service (although it may take longer) and better hearing aids too.
  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    greatgimpo wrote: »
    Hospital referral through your doctor will get much better results than Specsavers, more thorough service (although it may take longer) and better hearing aids too.
    Although bear in mind that in some parts of the country, the NHS has contracted Specsavers to provide the NHS service ... and it seems to work well for those I have known in those areas. In other words, don't assume that if you're referred to Specsavers, you'll get a worse service than at an NHS appointment.
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