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in N. Ireland
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    I'm interested if this pcn when anywhere?
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    Flomo wrote: »
    I'm interested if this pcn when anywhere?

    Why not inform yourself properly by reading the link above?

    Or could you be that illiterate stooge who keeps trying to mine identifying info from posters. Who got banned so many times from the parking forum.

    Either way OP, if this one asks you to contact them off-board, be very careful. As well as monitoring the forums, PPCs have tried to wheedle personal info out of posters here before to use against them - and with no keeper liability in NI, they have to know who was driving before they can try-on anything.
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    An MLA for Armagh area posted about this on facebook recently .
    Its up to the company to prove who was driving the vehicle .
    The advice was do not contact the company ,contact the MLA but do not pay.
    I have received three letters from smart parking ,I am expecting another any day now .I ignore them.
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