Best MSE ways to keep your pets cool in the summer heat - 2019

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Hi Forumites with furry friends!

This week is set to be a scorcher so we want to hear your top tips for keeping your beloved pets cool in this heat!

Do you use a fan? Shut the curtains for some shade? Or just make sure there's lots of bowls of water available for them?
Why not have your little ones think up some creative ideas too? It's one way to stop them from saying 'I'm bored!' now it's the summer holidays!

It's been discussed on here before ( but maybe you have some new ideas you want to share in 2019?

Keep it MoneySaving if you can!

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions! :T

- MSE Molly

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  • halfonehalfone Forumite
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    I'm :eek: at how expensive the cool mats are on the 'old' thread linked to above.

    My tip - B&M are stocking them £4.99 for small, £9.99 for large. They seem to stay very cool indeed.

    I'd like some advice though - I've had a mat for around three weeks and my dog won't venture onto it; you'd think it was a bed of nails. He lies right up close next to it but folds his legs in so no part of him is touching it, not even a single paw. I just laid it down with no fuss for the first week, He ignored it. I've since tried to tempt him on by sitting next to it myself as he loves a fuss - he did sit on it once but moved off it as soon as I got up. I've put a treat on it and he will eat the treat but not lie on the mat. I'm planning just to leave it there in the hope he forgets himself and just lies down on it one day and discovers how nice it is but if anyone has any hints I'd appreciate it. He doesn't seem scared of it, just indifferent. I don't think he realises it's for lying on. Any ideas?
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    LegacoidLegacoid Forumite
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    We live close to a beach and that's a huge help in hot weather. On the three days a week I run with my dogs it's business as usual even when it's hot, but I include on-lead sections where we wade through the waves to guarantee that they stay cool and comfortable.

    On walks away from the beach, Ruffwear "swamp cooler" vests work really well. They are crazy expensive these days but we bought ours about 10 years ago when they were more reasonable. Keep them topped up with water every 30 mins or so to keep your dogs much more comfortable, but be prepared for comments like "Are you daft? You put jackets on your dogs in this weather?"

    Indoors if it gets really bad I place a frozen gel pack behind a fan. It seems to help get some cooler air flowing, but obviously you need to make sure that the dog can't nab the gel pack.

    Edit: Regarding the cool mat, maybe the smell or the texture is off-putting. I don't how big the mat is, but maybe you could slip it inside a recently worn, unwashed t-shirt? It'll reduce the cooling effect a bit but might help make the mat more appealing.
  • We wrap ice packs in towels and leave them around the flat for our cat – or even better, one of the pet blankets that she usually naps on, so she's drawn to it.

    We also put ice cubes in her water bowl.
  • UKTigerlilyUKTigerlily Forumite
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    Please remember to not walk dogs in this weather, take them early morning & late evenings when cooler, they can't sweat as we do & heatstroke kills. I used to always take water for my dog anyway, and only if the pavements (or sand) is cool to the touch. Water bottles in the freezer then wrapped in a towel is good for rabbits
  • Skint_yet_AgainSkint_yet_Again Forumite
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    We have a rigid plastic paddling pool in the garden for our dog £ 9.99 from the range. Easy to clean & goes in the shed in winter. I put a parasol over it to keep the water cool ! Also our dog loves ice cubes just pop them in her water bowl to stop the frost sticking them to her tongue and she picks them out and crunches them :D

    Cold carrots from the fridge are good. Or you can freeze them. Our dog loved her gel cool mat from b&m last year but this year she keeps chewing it so we have chucked it out.

    If the floor is too hot for us to walk on in our bare feet we don't let the dog walk on it
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