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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Good morning. Just about to head out to work. Travelers just about to head out on a 142km hike! It's absolutely lashing with rain.

    Been a busy couple of days and then too tired at end of day to post pleasures.

    Work has been! In, work, out! I know the balance I want. Paid .

    Visiting Australians. How lovely to have them here. We are in your kitchen! I know you're in my kitchen! How fabulous !

    Should have been OH 50th birthday yesterday . Had a lovely meal out last night and a chocolate cake he'd have enjoyed!

    Charity shop spree...I'm going into work with my new to me £1 jeans on from Wallis . Got loads of nice things most RTC in the charity shops....I do love a charity shop bargain! Also got a fab king size duvet set (M&S) for £2.50. Shall wait for better weather then do a boil wash and out on line!

    A quick allotment visit as the Australians wanted to see it! All this rain means I don't have to go and just water.

    Right I'd better go and start the day! Have a good weekend :)
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Friday pleasures,

    Mushrooms on toast for breakfast, it really is my favourite meal of the day.

    Picked up some carrots in village shop before heading off to see equine girlie, the new shop is nearly finished and looks very smart.

    Just got my girl back out to her field after riding and it started to rain.

    Popped to the emporium and amongst my rtc haul was a bunch of flowers, perfect colours for my dining room table.

    Made another loaf, getting back into it now.

    Capt S out playing five a side so evening at home to myself, cba to cook so my fresh bread with a piece of cheese sufficed.
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Pleasures today - out early with dog, seeing her run around having fun, then back just as rain started.

    Fried egg, bacon, mushrooms and fried bread for breakfast.

    Made a start on the spare room, wardrobe emptied and a mountain of stuff piled on the bed. I'll get some black bags Monday when I go shopping and finish the job then.

    Assorted electricals taken to recycling centre, out of the house, many more such trips lie ahead.

    Seeing the rain bucketing down, the garden needs it.

    Main meal Beef Madras consumed mid afternoon for a change.

    Just finished a mug of a luxurious brand of hot chocolate (given to me as a present for Mothering Sunday.)

    Cat sprawled out on bed, basking in the sunlight. Yes, sun shining out there now.

    Feeling pleasantly full, like I could doze off just like one of the lions in the Serengeti after wildebeest for lunch.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Lovely lunch of roast beef, horseradish sauce on rye bread from the local baker for lunch with gherkins and cherry tomatoes, scrumptious.

    DD1 and James came for coffee and brought HWK a bottle of Merlot and brought us both a small but beautifully formed box of continental chocolates from Holland where they've been on the school Music Tour.

    The last panel is now fitted into the replacement back fence and it looks really nice, we have a small garden and have made it look lighter and bigger by painting the fence facing the house white, really effective.

    I've just processed all the French, runner and fine beans HWK brought back from the allotment yesterday.

    Had a cooking session this morning in preparation for the Zebra child coming to stay for the week and made a massive apple and gooseberry crumble, 4 x glasses of raspberry jelly and an apple gingerbread tray bake, yum!
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    1 We are back from a wonderful week away in Wales, we spent a lot of it relaxing on the campsite as I was making sure Mr PK recouped, I think he needs to slow down. The journey back was very slow as the stabiliser broke, back safely and a complete new stabiliser ordered up, but at ouchy cost.

    2 The washing loads are cycling around, and the van cleaner.

    3 The garden looks fabulous thanks to the sprinkler system, the patio and garden need weeding strimming and mowing, the weeding is crossed off now so just strimming and mowing tomorrow.

    4 Our bedding is all clean, and sprinkled with lavender.

    5 Mint is dehydrating.

    6 Did a vet run with our old lady, she was a star, frail but healthy, just needed an injection to help her immune system.
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    A very quick hello as I need to call a friend back and it's getting on!

    DD2 in hospital overnight, hurrah for some amazing paramedics. Her of the dodgy hips! So work was curtailed but most of day spent in hospital !

    Hurrah for NHS and good friends and lovely great nieces who gave her favourite bear to be company for DD.

    Other DD started her epic walk.

    Son up another mountain!

    Sun came out after torrential rain.

    Had a cake for tea!
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    FrithFrith Forumite
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    MHags - sorry to hear your daughter is in hospital and I hope things are sorted out speedily there.

    Nargle - I want some mushrooms, now you've mentioned them! And Lainey!

    Pleasures for today (Saturday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) BSD went OK. Yoghurt and berries, avocado and sardine, HM curry. Jeans are looser, which is a start.

    3) Hens well.

    4) Tidied the garden.

    5) Went to my brother's after lunch because I asked for a 5 inch hole to be drilled through the plate that goes across my fireplace. The chimney is 5 inches wide. The chimney does not fit. So my brother set to with a angle grinder looking thing and a file. It fits now. Had another courgette off my dad!

    6) Watched Casualty.

    7) Thought I'd Ebay a few clothes (surely the most boring job in the world, to list things on Ebay) and found a lot of moths. So synthetics out on the line, cottons in the washing machine, woollens in the freezer.

    8) Watched Killing Eve, went to the freezer to get fruit out for tomorrow, opened a freezer drawer and an ARM flopped out at me!!! Luckily it was just my duffel coat.

    9) Bigger son was ill yesterday (not the normal D and V) but was on the mend today. He is looking forward to his team meeting tomorrow. A 1.5 hour walk to a bigger place that has a shop and where you get a meal that is not daal.
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  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    goodness where has the week gone?! just caught up on all your posts. cricket was amazing as was the tennis. for today
    1) slow morning (own fault, out celebrating with prof doc student, mixed cider and red wine, never again!)
    2) finished watching years and years while having long soak in the bath.
    3) filled empty spice pot with chinese 5 spice at new zero waste shop that's opened down the road
    4) took dogs on long walk - into town then back along the river. absolutely beautiful (though mrpiano's dog slipped his lead at one point eek)
    5) today watched the netball on catch up while listening to the prom - i managed to avoid the score so was nail-biting to the end
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    For the last few days.

    1. Being in holiday.

    2. Light was delayed by nearly 2 hours but caught up some time and also as we arrived late and last flight of the day we went through passport control very quick!y.

    3. Had a thunderstorm yesterday morning but then cleared for a lovely day.

    4. Message from DS2 girlfriend with a photo of her green tomatoes. It is the first thing she has ever grown from one of the tomato plants I have her.

    5. Food and wine yesterday evening on the balcony in the warmth even at midnight.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Saturday pleasures,

    Had a lie-in.

    The forecasted rain didn’t come until the evening so no interference with plans.

    Went to watch local football, an academy 11 from my club versus the new team my DN will be playing for next season, nice little ground and enjoyed the live action, have missed my footie.

    I drove there and back as Capt S hobbling a tad after exertions the day before, me a week ago “ don’t you think you should put a bit of running in to prepare? “ Him “ No, I’ll be fine “
    So very little sympathy :rotfl:

    Glass of wine, Mickey Flanagan making us laugh on the tv and a cheeky square or two of chocolate.
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