Coping with daily wardrobe & clothes changes

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    You're in very good company by not washing clothes after a single wear!
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I use the "The Chair" method

    So do I and as I do a lot of house/pet sitting for friends, I can tell you that many other people do the same.

    If the used items are folded neatly and stacked neatly on the seat of the chair, they are not unsightly and don't convey that sense of 'slattern' that Liz Taylor's "everything hung up on the floor" so suggests. ;)
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    In this heat and humidity, I think anything in contact with skin for a couple of hours is due a wash.
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    I am relieved to know that I am not the only person to adopt the chair method.
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    I have an external rail between the end of the run of wardrobes and the wall.

    It fills the gap and is a useful place for clothes-in-use, clothes-to-be-ironed, and clothes-ironed-to-wear-later.

    The shoe rack is at the bottom too.
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    Simby wrote: »
    Wear once wash once is my motto.. if I put something on and wear it I wash it

    Only few exceptions coats .. dry clean or wash depending on material once a month.

    Hats scarfs once a week wash

    Leather gloves discard after 3 months

    Good lord! :eek:

    Are you very sweaty? :cool:
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    What about different coloured coat hangers?

    Not bought for the reason you mention but I've recently bought some rose gold coloured coat-hangers from pound-stretcher. Think they did silver coloured too. They were £1.99, without checking this was either for 6 or 8. I actually bought them in an attempt to get teen to hang things up.
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    Picking up ideas here.

    Admits to floordrobe sometimes or placed on a chest.

    A more successful method is that some of my clothes are on a freestanding wardrobe rail and I pull out the top section and put lightly-worn clothes on there.

    Think I might adopt the idea of a differing way of hanging clothes on their hangers and that could be most useful to me, as I like to hang my clothes by type and then sub-divided by colour (so it goes something like jumpers, then long-sleeve teeshirts, then short-sleeve teeshirts, then sleeveless teeshirts and so on). That way I could keep my categories for ease of finding clothes, and have the lightly-worn items in their correct category place.

    Having put quite a bit of effort into rationalising my wardrobe and now got a good capsule wardrobe and pretty much everything goes with pretty much everything else that seems my best bet to make for "easy dressing".
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    I only out clean washed things in the wardrobe. Once worn clothes will have unseen dirt bugs etc which will then rub off on clean things and make them musty. My mother thinks I'm mad and I'm sure some on here will.

    I either use the chair , the bedpost or hang things on a hanger on the outside of the wardrobe.

    I would love to have the space for a separate rail to hang things on, brilliant idea but we have tiny rooms in this house !
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    Turn worn once clothes inside out, place on coat hanger , quick spray with Febreze or similar, hang item on door handle to dry off the Febreze, return to wardrobe. No need to wash after one wearing unless you never shower or have a dirty manual job.
    Clothes will last longer and it's kinder to the environment and your purse.
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