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2019 - A Clutter Free Life

edited 5 July 2019 at 9:05AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Gem-gemGem-gem Forumite
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    Hello everyone,
    Have been catching up on your posts.
    I have also been working my way through a mountain of toiletries. Yes, it does feel good to see the pile go down. I'd hate to think of the amount of money sitting there that could be in my bank earning interest. When I shampoo my hair and you have suds on your head. I scoop the suds off and place them onto my legs. I use it like shaving cream. Hey presto two uses from one product.

    Unwanted post recycled.
    Medicine box recycled
    Medicine casing binned

    Cleaned the three bedrooms this afternoon. Have people staying on Sunday. Have laid out towels and mini toiletries for them to use.
    I have a lovely leather work bag that I have used for 10+ years. The zip has just gone. I am hoping that I can get it fixed. Have a new zip placed on it. Not sure where to go. (Live in the London areA).
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    CAFCGirlCAFCGirl Forumite
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    Hello All!

    Long time no post for me!
    Fell off the Decluttering Wagon with other parts of life getting in my way.

    On the plus side, my giant pile of stuff is being collected by the BHF service tomorrow. Half tempted to book another slot in for a fortnight's time LOL

    There's roughly 6 boxes of books and kitchenalia, plus 15 bags of other stuff! Feels like barely a dent. I do have plenty of their donation bags so will keep going.

    Did the DVD's yesterday and there's 52 of them heading out too.
    Plan is to take back the spare box room and make it a useable space for DS's Lego collection and my craft efforts.

    That's the goal/hope anyway
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  • IrishRose12IrishRose12 Forumite
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    I've just read your post about a sore jaw and ear. I've had that and it turned out to be TMJD ( something that you have to manage and live with, unfortunately ) and I need anti inflams and pain killers for it when I get a flare up. Perhaps that is your problem too, just a thought. Anyway I hope you can get it sorted asap.

    Take care nan xx
    Funny nanny, when 1st googling the symptoms looking forward to help the pain that came up a few times but I never paid an notice. Shall go and have another read about it now. Thank you for that. I'm currently sat with a hot water bottle against my ear and jaw :(
    Went to the doctors and he has given me the ok for flying:T He said it could be sinusitis as my ear looked fine, he's gave me decongestants, antihistamines and painkillers to take every day for the next 2 months.

    So after getting those from the chemist I had to make a phone call to my travel insurance company, Thankfully that nor the medication affect my travel insurance, :T so we'll see how it goes.

    Hoovered the house top to bottom again and my earache got worse....... I'm seriously considering the possibility I'm allergic to cleaning:whistle::rotfl:

    Off to bed now, its raining heavily here atm and i love lying in bed listening to the rain.
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  • chocolatelover93chocolatelover93 Forumite
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    I loved my mooncup chocolatelover. It's no longer needed now since the chemo sent me into menopause. I always used to feel much cleaner using it. To be honest I can understand why people can be put off but it was amazing.

    I'm still pondering on the shark. The reviews I read are either fantastic or dire. A lot of comments about blockages. I do still want one though.:D

    I cleaned my carpet but it's turned into a nightmare. It wasn't sucking up well so the carpet is still damp. I'm going to rent a rug doctor on Monday and do mine and mums sitting room carpets.

    Mr radiator is now sprayed and looks so much better.

    DS has broke up today so decluttering may slow down but I still have a target of it all being done by christmas (sorry to say that word). I'm currently washing school uniform at the moment so on Monday the uniform will go to the charity shop and the shoes to the cobbler who returns them and sends them to people who need them overseas.

    I will keep reading but I doubt I will have too much to post for the next few weeks.

    Keep going everyone.

    I must admit at first I was like "eeww" but after using it I felt the same I didn't even feel like it was the time of the month!

    I've only had one blockage in my shark and that was because I had hoovered up some wet food :rotfl: but it was so easy to get it out because you can see right down the tube. The only thing I do have to do is cut all the hair off the rollers once a month but that is because my hair is so long and it falls out a lot, but I do find now that I don't keep finding random bits of hair everywhere
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  • Not much being done but de-cluttered freezer and some gone into SC for dinners, knitting and crocheting a sort of foot blanket for myself, even in summer I have cold feet when watching TV and for some reason (diabetis I think) even soft slipper socks things seem a bit tight. Using odd balls fo wool I got from Freecycle, also gave some to neighbour (17yrs old) to make one for herself. Food from garden, pulled up i pot of potatoes to leaves decluttered, box of more of mums things brought from bedroom to photograph and either EB.. of Freecycle, lovely china tea cup set with sort of hexagon shaped tops, and tea plates and large matching one. Sugar basin and milk jug to match, thing is I can see a hairline crack on 1 cup and also on milk jug so they will have to go to Free... More glassware and another box I have not opened yet, will be same sort of stuff.
  • nannywindownannywindow Forumite
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    Well I made it into the office and came out with armfuls of clutter. I gave half to DH to sort through ( sensitive paperwork from his employment which he left in 2004 :eek: ) and a carrier bag full of computer software. He has some CD roms ( may be work related too ) to check, but the rest has been binned/recycled etc. Along with some paperwork to be shredded, I found 2 plastic covered wire shelves which DH has put in his shed and a brand new calligraphy set ( present for me ) which is in the cs bag. Also in the bag a new small folding shelf as it wasn't big enough :doh:and it has been sitting in the office for ages :(. Why ???
    I'm scouting around for more as I've found my mojo again :j. Even DH has been decluttering the shed of stuff, mostly rubbish, but he put it straight in the bin :eek:. There's hope for him yet :rotfl:.
    Happy decluttering
    nan xx
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  • nannywindownannywindow Forumite
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    Me again !
    Well I'm on a roll, as Freddie says :dance:"don't stop me now " :p. To the cs-4cds, to the rubbish bin-a peddle bin from the bathroom, the top had split so it wasn't used anyway.

    DH is wading through the cd roms, got quite a few to bin and has found a DVD of my late Mum chair dancing to "Spirit in the Sky". So he's going to try to clean it up as it's a bit jumpy. Gave me a lump in my throat TBH :(. Getting side tracked as DH has found more DVD's of the DGC when they were little....... awwww ! Now they are nearly 10 and 8 :eek:. Where has the time gone ?
    Next job is the bedroom cupboard (s) of doom, I'll have to get the ladder out for that though as I'm a short ar*e... er vertically challenged :rotfl:.

    TTFN nan xx
    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently
  • choillechoille Forumite
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    choille wrote: »
    195 - 197. 3 things posted.

    I do notice a difference upstairs but still have masses to do.

    198 - Empty make up tube dumped.

    208 - Big bag of paperwork burnt.

    210 - two large items sold & posted.
  • Barny1979Barny1979 Forumite
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    Barny1979 wrote: »
    693-695. Three broken clothes rails to tip
    696. Cardboard into recycling
    697-698. Bubble wrap to charity

    699-703. Cardboard boxes into recycling
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    Presently on holiday so will be slow on the decluttering front but have some magazines and toiletries samples that hopefully won't be going home with me.

    Some from before my holiday

    813-814 more bits of metal in next doors skip just before it wrnt.
    815 more paperwork shredded.
    816 egg box given to a neighbour with eggs in. Sons won't use all the eggs the chickens lay.
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