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help bungallow wall is moving

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tracykentracyken Forumite
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i noticed a while ago that the wall looked off, so i knocked the plaster off and its all bent. i am clueless about stuff like this, plus money being on the tight side, i left it . i recently whent on trusterd tradesmen asking for quotes etc but have not had a single reply. i am not sure if it would be covered on my home ins, i am with aviva been with them a few years i will try and post a pic, not sure what to do any advice please. and any idead what could be causing it. weve been here about 18 years.
sorry cant sus out how to get a pic on x


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    You need a chartered surveyor to inspect the wall. The surveyor should also be able to tell you options exist to repair the wall, and will also be able to suggest the cause.

    I would start by calling your insurance company and telling them that you have a problem and might need to claim on the policy. Ask them if they will send out a surveyor or do you need to find one yourself?

    If they want you to find the surveyor , start ringing around to find a Chartered Surveyor who will come out and do the inspection and a report for less than £400.

    Once a surveyor has inspected the wall, you should know the cause and the nature of the fault, and you can see if it is covered by your buildings insurance policy. If so, you can make a claim. If not, just let the insurance company know that you are no making a claim as it is not covered. If there is any uncertainty about whether it is covered or not, you could ring them for advice, or submit a claim a wait for them to confirm that it is not covered.
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