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Bank account fee 6 year limit?

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    What fraud, concealment and/or mistake are you referring to?
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    brown1950 wrote: »
    Contractual claims based on fraud or concealment by the defendant, or based on a mistake The period of limitation will not begin to run until the claimant has discovered the fraud, concealment or mistake or from the time at which the claimant could have discovered it with reasonable diligence s 32 of the LA 1980

    That is just a load of rubbish and irrelevant in the case of PBA complaints.
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    I made a claim against my old bank - natwest and the PBA where about 14 years old - i thought that as they where so old that they would not refund me the fees - but they did in a cheque today and added interest.

    So like one of the posters said - nasqueron refer them to the 6 and 3 year rule
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