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Can anyone help me understand this parking sign?

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  • 00ec2500ec25
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    LiveOnce wrote: »
    That would be really odd though, no parking between 10am and 11am makes little sense?
    no it makes enormous sense, as with very many places across the UK, it stops "commuters" from parking there "all" day since they would have to return and move their car at a "very" awkward time of day for someone already at work
  • statorstator Forumite
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    LiveOnce wrote: »
    Hi guys,

    So would I be breaching the rules if I parked there after 11am? And would I be breaching it if I parked before 10am and was out before 10am? i.e. I park at 9am and leave by around 9.45am, would I breach it?
    As long as your car is gone by 10am or you arrive after 11am, you can park there. (unless there are other signs)

    It's very common in areas where commuters have been parking for free. Usually the parking warden does one walk past each day, between 10am and 11am. If you look at the streets nearby you might find some of them have no parking 9am - 10am or 11am - noon. So you can usually find somewhere to park if you are just visiting.
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  • phill99phill99 Forumite
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    LiveOnce wrote: »
    That would be really odd though, no parking between 10am and 11am makes little sense?

    Very common near railway stations etc. It's so the commuters can't park there all day from say 7.00am to early evening.
    At the same time it has limited effect on residents and people that legitimately need to be there such as tradesmen.
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  • EdGasketTheSecondEdGasketTheSecond Forumite
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    It also means the traffic wardens only have to check that patch for one hour and then move on somewhere else where the restriction might be 11 - 12 am.
  • MercdriverMercdriver Forumite
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    LiveOnce wrote: »
    That would be really odd though, no parking between 10am and 11am makes little sense?

    You have them across suburbs in London. often one hour segments say 1 - 2pm. it's to stop people parking their cars in local streets and getting the tube into central London...

    That'll teach me to read the whole thread lol
  • 4372243722 Forumite
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    I had an encounter with a sign like this recently. They are, at first glance,confusing, although they are fully explained in the Highway Code. I had left my car by one of these signs, as I thought I would be ok. I returned to see two parking wardens just beginning to go through the process of ticketing my car. In the event, they did not proceed, as my return had thwarted their dastardly plot. But I did say to them that I had parked there because as I understood the signs, I was parking legally. The two wardens then looked at the sign, and got into an involved discussion about the ambivalence of such signs. I made my getaway before they changed their minds.
  • Ambivalence?

    I don’t see the confusion myself, 10:00 - 11:00 is restricted, the other 23 hours are not.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Anybody can park there, except between 10 and 11am.
    Between 10 and 11 it's permit holders only.
    The venue/location/setting might indicate a clue as to why they did that, who are these permit holders....

    It might be a shops' loading area 10-11, guessing from the black "L" also there.

    It does stop people parking 24 hours, so keeping the streets clear of people who park for weeks on end.
  • jimbo6977jimbo6977 Forumite
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    I addition, the council can charge residents for permits - nice little earner!
  • foxy-stoatfoxy-stoat Forumite
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    Its a good way to police the area for all day parkers, they only need to send a warden down the street at 10am and write up all the non-residence cars. They will be done in an hour.
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