Urgent: Debenhams 10%-20% off code needed! (Before Jan 3rd)

I desperately want to buy a new eye cream, Success Eye Tech from Guerlain. However, to do it, I really really really need an active Debenhams code, ideally for 25% off :D but 10%, 20%, or anything really would be nice..

Thanks to other MSE'ers I've found a free shipping code active (SHA1), but over 20 other Debenhams codes floating around online have failed to work for me. I've tried various things, registered/logged in/not logged in/standing on my head and typing backwards... But so far only the free shipping works. The order would be £52.20 before deductions, can always bump it up a bit if a min. order is necessary.

Currently Debenhams have a 10% off all non sale items online, I desperately want to find another money off code to use whilst this promo is on, it ends on Jan 3rd.




  • PHLP gets you 20% (I think!). Give it a try.

    Well, it worked for me the other day. Got a Tefal Avanti 4 slice toaster (£40 down to £30) for £24 delivered.
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  • Thanks, I tried PHLP though and it comes up with a little "could not be processed" message.

    These are the codes I've tried and failed with, I know some exclude certain departments, so they are not necessarily invalid or expired, they just won't work with the type of purchase I want to make (beauty dept.) -

    10% off:

    20% off:

    Maybe I'll just try some random letter combinations...
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    you could try SHA1 for free delivery
  • Thanks, I already have :)
  • fmhmfmhm Forumite
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    try pressing ctrl and f5 together. it refreshes ur window "cleanly". sometimes the codes dont get processed because of ur cache.
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    I too am keen to find a discount for debenhams, or does anyone know if the furniture will go down in price in their blue cross sale on 3rd Jan 08
    Thanks in advance
    Comping from May 2012 :D

    Thank you to all that post & contribute, I think you are wonderful, I could not achieve without your help :)
  • Are there any codes for a %age off big kitchen electricals at all?
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    Try ordering by phone and use PHLP for 20% off, just say you've been trying to order off the website but its been slow, not working properly etc and just ask very nicely to use the code even though it expired on the 30th dec 2007.

    Worked for me anyway, so worth a try perhaps.
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  • Thanks WILS, I'm going to give that a go... I'm a card holder and watnot, but not Gold card, so we'll see.. anyone have any ideas what to say if I get asked where I got the code from?
  • Thanks, I tried but got nowhere!

    Good try though.
    O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.

    (O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us

    Robert Burns
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