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* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread

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  • LMG1305LMG1305 Forumite
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    Hi All, I'm back again. I seem to get really busy at the beginning of every year & then come the summer all I can think about is Christmas :)

    I haven't bought anything yet for Christmas but have made a few plans. Me & my sisters have set low budgets for each other, but we are planning to have a day together closer to Christmas, baking Christmas cookies, listening to Christmas music & making some Christmas presents for other people.

    I have been trying to keep an eye out for any gift ideas in the sales that seem to be popping up everywhere lately. I haven't found anything though that I think would make a good present for anyone. I think I'll make a list of everyone & try to think of some ideas before I spend any money.

    Not a lot else going on. We've had our family holiday this year, which was amazing. Looking to book a short break later in the year, but nothing confirmed yet. DD2 finishes primary school this week & it's making me so sad. They grow up so quickly! :(
  • GettingtherequicklyGettingtherequickly Forumite
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    Been really busy so not had time to do a catch up. Hope all well with everyone.

    Think I am in a position to focus on Christmas now! Cakes done a few bits bought in Amazon Prime sale, will go through my list and see where I am now :D
    A smile costs little but creates much :)
  • muriemurie Forumite
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    DD's birthday was yesterday so now I can concentrate on Christmas planning!

    Good to see some of the old names coming back x.

    Not had much to post but have been reading along. Im sorry (inadequate wording ) for those that are having , or have friends and relatives, that aren't in the best of health or have troubles x.

    Im saving on an Asda card towards Christmas and have started one for my Mom too.
    Ive also bought some small reindeer for our Christmas wreath making evening (£1.37 from E*ay) and an embossed wooden rolling pin to make gingerbread cookies . I've had a go at making some dough gingerbread figures (some of which look like they are related to Mr Blobby !) that is about the sum total of my Christmas planning so far.
    I need to up my surveys as my Paypal pennies are severely depleted and I like to try to keep my crafting obsession money neutral.
    lovin' this site!
  • vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    Hi,I'm back from hols. Hi to all.

    I am ready to knuckle down for Christmas now too.There has been so much change, upheaval,stress and distress this year.It is ongoing too.I need a gentle distraction.

    Is the mystery poster Chrissy? Or giyd just fancying another new name? lol.

    I am concentrating on getting the house ready to sell now.Lots of change and hard work to come.Today the old sofa is being collected by a charity ,new one coming.Someone is coming to dismantle and take away one of the sheds.That will leave a space that I need to spend a good amount of time making it look like part of the garden instead of a shed base!I have bought 2 metal garden chairs and a bistro table for the garden.They are currently dark green,hopefully by the end of the day they will be primrose yellow.I am trying to be money neutral with all this house prep.Back to selling stuff now.

    Love to all xxx
  • nic2075nic2075 Forumite
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    Spendless wrote: »
    mrsinvisible - I don't know whether to react :eek::heart2:or :rotfl: to your Grandson's news. What did their parents say? I swear kids when one problem is over (like school) they find another one to stress their family over. At one point last year when daughter seemed settled she then acquired ans unsuitable boyfriend (18, she was 15, he wasn't working or in college, stank of weed). He ended up dumping her for another girl, who is now pregnant to him, think we dodged a bullet there! Poor dog, how sad.

    nic - At 14 unfortunately there are not many jobs that your daughter can do. There are so many employment regulations surrounding them, right up until they stop being what's called CSA (compulsory school age) which is until the last Friday in June when they're in yr11. She's pretty much restricted to a paper round, unless there are any odd jobs she can do for neighbours etc. Daughter has a 'holiday' job feeding a neighbour's cat when they're away. He pays her well for it (£50 for a fortnight once!) but it's infrequent work. Are the dance school going to do fund-raising to reduce the cost? Could all or part of it be Xmas/birthday present from you/other family members? Does it run every year, is it something she could do another time giving longer to save? Daughter does drama, it's what she's going to study at college, but on the times we've dipped our toes (pardon the pun!) into the dance world the prices are incredibly extortionate. (character shoes for a production of Chicago recently for example, she was in the chorus at the very back, I'm just glad I didn't pay for heels that were a further £20 and I'm glad we already owned the leotard!)

    Peppa - Thank you, yes releived it's all over. You could offer me all the money in the world and if the stipulation was I had to live these last 12 months again, I wouldn't take it.

    I love this thread that you can dip in and out over months and years and you're welcomed back as though you've never been gone

    The dance school will do lots of fundraising. We usually do bag packing, displays, race nights, hampers to raffle etc. But it depends on how many go, it’s not decided who is all going, so the fundraising might have to be split further. It is on every year, but in dancing terms, she is getting old :eek: so really her teacher wants her to have a good chance next year. She dancing well and is fit. She is often plagued by injury’s and pains in her shins and calves. So just want to let her have this chance.
    There is a waiting list for papaerounds, but her name is on it. They do win money prizes at the Highland games. But her entry fees are more. So it kind of defeats the purpose of paying to go and win money, but then it’s her money to win. So we will do some games, but I’m not entering ones far away just to try and win money back. We will spend more on dance entry, petrol and entry to the games.
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    RedredrobinRedredrobin Forumite
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    Peppapig -I have sent you PM

  • princesskitty29princesskitty29 Forumite
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    Hi all, I don’t know if it’s because it’s July but my mind keeps wandering to Christmas and I even watched the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special yesterday! :D I’ve just got to get Wiggle’s birthday and party done and then I’ll be able to concentrate properly on what I need to do etc. Busy today getting a few bits ready for Wiggle’s last day in Foundation tomorrow, we always make a donation to the school instead of presents but I have decided to make some brownies today with him for his teacher. I can’t believe his time in Foundation is already done, I know it’s a massive clich! but it really does only feel like yesterday we were taking him for settling in days etc! :o

    Spendless sorry to hear about things with your daughter at school, I’m glad she’s through it now and hopefully a new start at college will be positive.

    mrsinvisible wow that’s an unusual celebration for a 16yo! Aw your poor cousin’s dog, you don’t expect anything like that just playing ball!

    Peppa congratulations on your new grandson, wonderful news! :beer:

    Caz I’m so sorry to hear what has happened to you and your dad, that must have been a tough year for you. Fingers crossed treatment is working for your dad. Glad to hear you finally got your dream house, enjoy making it a home!

    LMG good to see you again! Oh I can imagine what it must feel like with DD2 finishing primary school, it’s scary how much time flies!
  • JoyfullyfestiveJoyfullyfestive Forumite
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    Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I love this thread and my love of Christmas is what I'm using to inspire me to come out of my shell and finally embrace the internet and social media!

    Went into poundland today, they had Christmas fragrance airfreshener candles in: bloome indulgent vanilla for £1, airwick winter wonderland, mulled wine and winter berries for £2 each and a airwick advent calendar for £5.

    Also tesco had a Yankee candle exclusive candle collection, half price at £20, great to split into several gifts.
    :santa2: Joyfullyfestive all year round. Instagram: @joyfullyfestive :santa2:

  • vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    It's me again! I have read back properly now and caught up on everyones news.Congratulations and hugs where appropriate xxx

    Nic I am so pleased you all had an amazing holiday,so very well deserved for you all. If your daughter could find a baby sitting job or lawn cutting etc it would help. It's such an awkward age for work,mine were desperate to work but found only grass cutting and paper rounds at the time.How about car boot sales? and FB selling.It all adds up.

    Peppa congratulations Granny xxx

    Mrs I,crumbs,your DGS is a young man who knows what he wants.My cousin was married at 17 and her husband 19,they have just celebrated their 42nd anniversary.Poor cousin.Pets are a big part of the family but I am sure the dog had a lovely life.

    Spendless,onwards and upwards for your daughter now.College has been the making of DD2,she had a dreadful time at school and couldn't wait to leave.There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Caz I am so sorry to hear your

    LMG and PK time flies so fast.I wish I turn back the clock and enjoy those childhood years and milestones again.They will be off to university before you know it.xx

    Thankyou joyfully festive,I will have a look for them this weekend.I was in B&Q yesterday,just for a change. They have a sale on of decorative household bits like candle holders etc.

    I am off out tonight,the first time this year to visit my lovely friend. She is a complimentary therapist at a hospice. The staff have been offered a day out in August by a local company and she has asked me to be her plus one.What a lovely friend.

    Better get a wriggle on Vx
  • Guys, just got waaay too excited, Hobbycraft have sent an email saying they have released Some Christmas things online 😃
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