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Climate Glazing

edited 30 July 2018 at 9:10PM in Praise, Vent & Warnings
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  • I too have just been scammed by Mark Knight.. although he used the name “George West” and claimed to be operating a company called “Our Price Conservatories”
    My deposit has been stolen and the police have confirmed that he is wanted for a string of offences both by them and by trading standards.. they just haven’t managed to pick him up yet.
    If anyone has any photos or CCTV of this man I would love to take a look!
  • Hi Chris,

    What area was this and is there a link to a web site? if not where did you see this advertised?

    Greg Hames which we think is is real name has been scamming people now for years and a slippery scum bag he is too. He's had numerous fake companies and Action Fraud, Trading Standards, the Police do nothing to stop him. He also fills in fake reviews for his various businesses.
  • I live in Rustington West Sussex. And the comparison site that kindly introduced him to me is

    I did some research after the fact and found a fake review he’d done on google
    The reviewer was a similar name and also gave a poor review about a (real) company who said they’d never heard of him.
  • Hi Chris,

    All quite strange when you read his previous reviews (Joseph Knight) but seems odd unless its to muddy the water when other people try to find him. The guy we've all been complaining about is Greg Hames, he's from the Lingfield area. I'd love to catch up with him........
  • dave.morrisseydave.morrissey Forumite
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    Mr Hames is now operating as 'James King' of buildpan crawley or kingsbuild ltd. He has yet again lied to companies house about his real name (as he has with Climate glazing as Mark Knight), and here is the same website with the same photos from his previous companies websites that seem to last a few weeks- long enough to take deposits then closed down.
    Please steer clear of Kingsbuild ltd

  • Leap_of_faith1Leap_of_faith1 Forumite
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    So glad I saw this forum, I've just had a quote from Kingsbuild ltd for an orangery and could have potentially lost thousands in deposit. Currently operating as James King.
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    you know it would be really great if you could wind this guy in....say arrange to do a deal get him over and have the police on hand at the same time. I would be happy to attend at the same time as he owes me. trading standards who visited me seem to have lost interest....did he give you an address
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