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Filling in PIP form on computer

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Filling in PIP form on computer

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easyeasy Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Disability Money Matters
Hi everyone.
well my brown envelope arrived "inviting" me to apply for PIP because they are stopping my DLA.

As my handwriting is chuffing awful (because my hands don't work properly) I want a version I can type into instead. I seem to recall there was a link on here some time ago, but I can't find it now.
Please could someone point me in the right direction?

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  • venisonvenison Forumite
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    To apply for PIP now that your DLA is ending you have to call the number on the letter telling them that you want to apply for PIP and giving them the info they ask for I seem to remember mine was a 15 minute conversation, they will then send you the forms for PIP. I'm almost certain you can't do this online, the best I can suggest is that you get a friend to fill them out for you.
    Use the time it takes to gather any evidence you have, and make sure you copy the forms before you send them back (at least 10 days before the due date)
    And do expect to have a face to face assessment.
    Good luck
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  • poppy12345poppy12345 Forumite
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    There's no PIP2 form available to fill in online because all claims have a unique code which identifies the claimant. You could be thinking of the ESA work capability assessment form.

    There's a PDF sample form available that you could use to know what questions are on the form. Maybe type out your answers and then ask someone to fill out the form for you.
  • Alice_HoltAlice_Holt Forumite
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    As poppy suggested type your answers out on additional sheets:
    - refer to the question number;
    - put your name and NI no. on each sheet;
    - write 'see attached sheets' on the question box on the form;
    - attach sheets firmly to the PIP2 form.

    It also helps you get a more consistent picture, and is more easily edited / amended than writing directly on the form.

    Can a family member / friend fill in the other pages (medical details, etc) for you?

    Or get an appointment at your local CAB / advice centre.
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    MuttleythefrogMuttleythefrog Forumite
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    Agree with the above advice - a sort of get around for much of the 'meat' of the form by referring to attached sheets which are electronically constructed and printed. I still find it scandalous that this cannot be completed electronically when by definition many will struggle to complete the form by hand. Because I no longer am working or doing much away from a computer I wasn't aware at all just how bad my OCD manifests in handwriting until they sent me this form 3 years ago. It reminded me of the problems I had with bank when they would query why my cheques were never being presented and I was wanting more cheques. I was binning them due to my handwriting and signature not looking right.
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  • gbhxugbhxu Forumite
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    This is what I do.

    I type up my answers and then print them out onto A4 stickers.

    I just them cut them out and stick onto the PIP2 form.

    A little bit of trial and error is needed to get right sized font and get body of text the right size for the box you've got.

    It's worth it in the end
  • You can get someone like CAB to help you.

    I typed up all the extra information - this was after someone helped e to complete the form. I expanded in extra information for each of the sections to make sure it was fully covered with all the information I needed to send, as I know they ask for minimal information so they can give you a lower award!
  • CyclamenCyclamen Forumite
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    I struggle with writing too.

    we have printed small sticky labels (avery ones) that say .."please see attached sheet page number " and these go in the boxes with the page number added

    everything is typed with clear question numbers and lines between answers... the pages are numbered with my name DOB and NI number .. it all gets whole punched and tied together with string/treasury tag

    I did this years ago and just edit and update for each renewal and its a lot easier that way.. although i believe they ahve changed renewal forms now
  • cantcopecantcope Forumite
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    All i wrote on the actual form for my answers to the descriptor questions was "please see attached sheet no #" i put the descriptor number at the top with my name and NI number.
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  • 50Twuncle50Twuncle Forumite
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    [email protected]
    claim to be able to help
    I discovered this department - purely by accident a couple of years ago
    This was their reply to my question.:

    "I have now been advised that you that you will be able to complete both forms on your computer and either type or hand sign your signature.
    We will require you to ‘sign’ a disclaimer stating you are aware of the security risks with sending personal information over the Internet.
    Please can you reply with your full name and address and NI number if you wish to continue with this process"
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  • 50Twuncle50Twuncle Forumite
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    "We are able to provide a fully accessible form for Personal Independence Payment that will allow you to type or use 'Dragon' to complete it.

    Initially you would need to call the new claims line on 0800 917 2222 to register your claim for PIP and to give some basic information. They should also ask you if you require your correspondence in a particular format. You should let them know that you require forms by email."

    This doesn't really help me - since my speech is not up to making the initial phone call - but at least, I will be able to fill in the form !
    Things may (or may not) get better
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