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Cheap Airport Parking Discussion

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  • adewaradewar Forumite
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    I've booked my Airport Parking with Airport Addons in the past. I've never had any issues and I find them pretty cheap.
  • WestinWestin Forumite
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    I think you are advertising your affiliate click thru link to APH Parking.
  • TUVOKTUVOK Forumite
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    Can any one help with cheapest car parking at Cardiff for 1 week?

    Thanks for any/all replies.
  • paul2louisepaul2louise Forumite
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    Has anyone used NCP parking. Looking for 2 weeks in Oct at BMX and have got a deal at £46 which is cheaper than any of the deals on the links from the discussion. Looks good but is it too good to be true
  • After a week on holiday we returned to the F S S Car park - Toad Park & Ride - DMD Park & Ride at Boundary Rd Farm in Manchester (1am 10th Sept 2019) to find over 30 people in reception, all wanting their keys which the staff were trying to busily locate with little luck.

    We waited 1.5 hours before one of the staff raced our car to the front – with its lights off, with the electric side window sliding back up. I enquired if it had been open all week, the chap said now, and given other reviews I believe he lied as it seems common for them to leave the windows open while parked in dusty greenhouses, the cars are parked closely together and I believe they exit the cars through the windows as they cant get the doors open to leave (other reviews on here, google reviews & other sites mention similar stories and foot marks on seats!)

    The inside of the car smelled of dirt/dust, my wife has a delicate chest & breathing and is experiencing great difficulty today.

    Our car was filthy, like it had been on safari – covered in thick, thick dust. I complained to the lady in reception but she just apologised & said they couldn’t keep up with the incoming customers & that the cars would normally be jet washed before customers returned.

    Other customers waiting with me had found their cars jammed in 5 to 10 deep, not prepared or ready for them at all – some people had been there over 4 hours.

    After using this park for many years it seems it has changed hands and is now run by ‘Care Parks’ which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I will NEVER use this company or location again, horrendous customer/car care.
  • 21lex21lex Forumite
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    Booked 24 days meet and greet parking at Heathrow through Wedeal Meet and Greet, with Premium Parking Heathrow, which had 4.6 out of 5 rating. Although we phoned 35 minutes before we arrived, the 'chauffeur' was not there. Arrived 15 minutes later, and said he was waiting on level 5 , but our instructions showed level 4. No paperwork given , car not checked over by him. He just wanted me to pay the parking fee, which I refused.
    On our return , we had to wait 65 minutes for the car to be delivered to Level 5, where there are signs saying "Drop Off Only- No Pick Up" so I am expecting a fine to come through the post. Driver gave me the keys then disappeared. This was probably because there was the remains of his lunch on the seat, and the car smelt of smoke (I later found a cigarette stub in one of the car pockets) . There was also paperwork in the car, for another car and another customer , from WIZPARK. It turns out that Premium Parking and Wizpark are the same Company.
    I have asked for compensation, but Wedeal are not very helpful, and Premium Parking have not replied. It would appear that they do not publish negative Customer reviews, but there are plenty at trustpilot

    Will not be using any of them again.
  • ABARKIE wrote: »
    i find that parking at a train station or near to works well

    Has anyone come across any problems parking at train stations for a week? (the one I'll be using is free anyway) or even a side street for a week? I've heard some cars get scratched by the locals.
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    Tom_The_Great_SebastianTom_The_Great_Sebastian Forumite
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    Has anyone come across any problems parking at train stations for a week? (the one I'll be using is free anyway) or even a side street for a week? I've heard some cars get scratched by the locals.

    I've been doing this for as long as I can remember and saved many thousands of pounds and never had a single issue.
    The secret is never to allow the locals see you park the car and walk off with a suitcase - I used to drop the wife and kids off around the corner while she called a taxi.
    And park as far away from a station as you can - the advent of Uber and other taxi apps has now made this much easier than it used to be.
    And the more upmarket the street the better.Posh people rarely kick up a fuss with strangers.
    Years ago it used to be possible to park within walking distance of Gatwick Airport.
    And I still have one or two secret spots stashed away within a short tube ride to Heathrow.
    Fortune favours the bold....:D
  • BEWARE! "Compare the Airport Parking". I booked and paid £56 for Fly away Meet and Greet on 09/09/2019 from Gatwick. When my flights were cancelled by BA due to their pilots' strike, I went back to "Compare the Airport Parking" asking them to change my bookings as I was now flying by Easyjet They replied they would re-book me, but it might cost more, OR I COULD HAVE A FULL REFUND. I re-booked with "Looking4Parking" then emailed "Compare the Airport Parking" asking them for the refund they had said I could have, but after 5 further emails I have had no reply. BEWARE!
  • sirtravelalotsirtravelalot Forumite
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    Something very strange seems to be going on with car parking facilities at Manchester Airport. I've been told that the JetPark carparks are all now closed - I cannot check because I live a long way off. If you try to book now for future parking - example March 2020 - the ONLY thing you will be offered by the official MAN site is MeetandGreet parking not Multistory selfpark. I complained to them by eMail and got a reply telling me that MultiStory parking is allowed only for 7 or 8 days. That's RUBBISH. I've booked and parked there several times in the last 12 months for 14,15 or even 16 nights. But now you cannot book, even trying via third party parking sites only offers Meet and Greet.
    And it gets even sillier. Yesterday, 25/11/19, Manchester Airport official site eMailed previous customers, offering Black Friday deals, 30% off all 2020 parking, but EXCLUDING Meet and Greet, and insisting that bookings be made by midnight 25/11/19. And when one tried to book??? Guess what - it ONLY offered Meet and Greet,- at 30% off - , despite saying that Meet and Greet was not included. And no availability of the multistory.
    I do think that something is seriously wrong with Manchester Airport parking systems - or maybe the problem lies with the Staff or Management?
    I recommend that BEFORE anyone books any travel through Manchester Airport for 2020, please make absolutely sure beforehand that you will be able to park your car somewhere. (Unless you really like the rather flaky Meet and Greet services one reads so much about these days....)
    Or use a different airport maybe?
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