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Help and Advice - Small Amount of Debt

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  • theoreticatheoretica Forumite
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    CashOut wrote: »
    with regular washing the trousers and shirts are about ready to throw away after a year of daily wearing, next to the jackets they are paired with they look considerably faded and deteriorated.

    If you are getting through about 4 pairs of work trousers a year that is less than 60 wears each (assuming you work 5 days and have fairly normal holidays). This looks extremely low to me and I think you could probably save a lot if you got them to last longer and perhaps want to look at how you wash them for an easy win. For instance, biological detergents will shorten the life of wool and can cause more fading than non-bio.
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    Just to add it is up to you how you allocate your resources, you can review all the ideas and pick and choose where you cut back.

    The key is to cut back enough to get the debt paid off and then plan(budget) better going forward prioritising everything and only using what you have.
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    On the monthly food costs:

    £200 per month is £200 x 12 months / 365 days / 3 meals a day = £2.19 per meal, rather than £1.66.

    £1.66 per meal equates to £1.66 x 3 meals x 365 days / 12 months = £150ish per month.

    Might be worthwhile tracking what you spend on food for a few weeks, to see where the extra is going?

    If it helps, we do a weekly shop for two people at £40 per week. We put £40 x 52 weeks / 12 months = £173.33 away into our bills account for food each month and withdraw a £40 cash kitty every week. Over time we actually find that we have a little left over, enough to pay for a bonus meal out every now and then :)
  • 19lottie8219lottie82 Forumite
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    Cheapest SIM only contract on my providers website is £13 pcm with less than sufficient data (250mb pcm)

    When you’re out of contract, shop about. I’m with three and get 8gb and unlimited calls / texts for £10 a month.
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