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Tenant asks for extra week, holding up completion

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  • lisyloolisyloo Forumite
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    How is what’s now being proposed much different? The tenant wants the weekend to move out?

    I’m not disputing the risks between dates, but these risks were present on the original deal?

    If you book a moving firm and don’t move you have to pay them if there is no notice.
    If you give them notice you usually don’t have to pay them.

    If you’ve taken time of work then it might be lost especially if it’s part way through the actual day that things fall apart.
    Some people lose hundreds of pounds for a day off work and for the self employed that real money not just a holiday allowance.
  • jimbogjimbog Forumite
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    SpiderLegs wrote: »
    Oh dear I feel really sorry for you being in this awful situation. what I would say if I met the tenant.

    ...or indeed what the tenant may say to you.

    Even though you are understandably frustrated and want to do something, sometimes not doing something is the best course of action - so don't go
    Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.
  • lew_1987lew_1987 Forumite
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    Thanks for those who had constructive things to say, it definitely helped us reconsider our approach. Our estate agent had advised us to go and see the property as they weren't informed by their own property management department what was happening! We can understand why going to talk to the tenant could have completely exacerbated the situation.

    We really aren't bothered about an extra few days here and there, so whoever was saying that has probably missed the point! We were frustrated with being messed around with no proper explanation, and the lack of information led us to believe all sorts of things (just look at some of the 'doom and gloom' replies here about what can happen when a tenant refuses to move out!).

    HOWEVER: The situation seems mostly resolved now. Yesterday morning we were able to get a full explanation out of the estate agent, and essentially there were a lot of people not talking to each other when they should have been! In their own words, they "ballsed up". The tenant wanted the extra time because they had a genuine mix-up on their end picking up keys to move out - if we had known this situation, we would have been very understanding about the situation, and happy to let her have a few days to sort that out.

    We have since been to the property to do some measuring up and had no intention to confront/pressure/or even talk to the tenant at all. In the end we didn't have to, as she was very forthcoming with us and told us about her issues. There seems to be an understanding between us now, and everything looks to be going ahead (the property is nearly empty now) :-) We are luckier than most and in the end, we are glad that we went over to the property.

    It just proves how crucial proper communication is in these situations. All sides didn't have the full story and this has led to a lot of confusion and panic!
  • RedFraggleRedFraggle Forumite
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    Good news!
    Officially in a clique of idiots
  • onwards&upwardsonwards&upwards Forumite
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    Good news, but please do remember that it’s still the tenant’s home and it was very generous of her to let you do all your measuring up etc. I wouldn’t have.. I hope you thanked her profusely!
  • lew_1987lew_1987 Forumite
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    Good news, but please do remember that it’s still the tenant’s home and it was very generous of her to let you do all your measuring up etc. I wouldn’t have.. I hope you thanked her profusely!

    Of course we did :-) She was lovely about it all, and it was good we were able to wish each other the best of luck.
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