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My savings log..."The next chapter"

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  • Sylvia1982Sylvia1982 Forumite
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    Hello everyone,
    Thank you savingwannabe and pinknsparkly.

    I've been grateful by the fact I have been fortunate enough to be in the position to save the amount I have so far, just by focusing on my end goals.

    In regards to when I plan to purchase? Well...My other half would like us to aim for next summer. We have agreed to go 50/50 on the deposit, so about £70k+ each. I just cannot wait, to finally get a place where we can actually settle down and make our home. Just hope the London market doesn't get even worst than it currently is... Wishful thinking:rotfl:

    I have definitely been enjoying this lovely weather, been out on my pedal bike rather a lot or go for walks along the canal near my home. It has been nice being able to enjoy it.

    The OH and I will be celebrating our anniversary beginning next month. Trying to decide on what we both can do including on what to make him. Need to decide by next week as time is ticking.

    I better leave it there. I get paid end of next week, so will post around then.
    Bye for now,
    Must save to live, not just live to save!!! :think:
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  • savingwannabesavingwannabe Forumite
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    Glad you are enjoying the weather and that you have decided when you will buy. Happy anniversary.
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  • pinknsparklypinknsparkly Forumite
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    Oooooh, how exciting - making a decision as to when to buy!!

    I can't speak for London itself but I live in the South East (a smidgen outside the M25) and the property market seems to be cooling round here. Properties are still being listed at significantly more than they were bought a few years ago, but are actually being sold for quite a bit under the asking price. So fingers crossed, the housing market won't go bonkers in the next 12 months for you!

    Happy anniversary for next month :) What sort of things do you make? I'm terrible for starting various crafts and not seeing them through. My most frustrating was deciding to take up crochet as it's supposedly easier than knitting, and buying a book entitled something along the lines of "crochet for complete idiot beginners" FULL of step by step photos. Still couldn't manage it!!
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