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CPR help please?

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I have submitted CPR and am awaiting tilde outcome of that but thebwait is so stressful!

In 2002 I started uni for a BA degree and left half way through due to anxiety/panic attacks/depression and it was so bad that I couldn’t leave my room to go to lectures.
I then reapplied to the same uni to start again the following year and during the break I got counselling, medication etc and spoke with the uni...they agreed to put me into smaller less intimidating halls with a smaller group of people so September 2003 I tried again but the same problems came up and I left again. Both times I was advised by my doctor to leave and seek help with my issues before trying again.

Then in September 2015 I enrolled onto a. Open university course and literally a month after I fell ill and was hospitalised with bacterial meningitis...I withdrew as my recovery was long and complicated!

I have now applied again (I’m due some luck right?) and SFE told me I could only get funding for the 3rd year of my new degree. My GP has written a letter confirming that at those times I was struggling terribly with anxiety/depression and panicked attacks and that it meant that I couldn’t leave my room etc. She has stated that both times I left on the advice of my doctor and that I had been very poorly. The uni has none of my records anymore due to the length of time that has passed and GDPR.
My GP also addresses the need for my recovery after the meningitis and how that impacted my health.

So now I’m half way through the wait for a reply and I’m so anxious. Does anyone know if I stand a chance of getting 2 years gifted back to me so that i can finally
Complete my degree?? I have a place ready and waiting at a new uni. It’s been a long time coming!!

Thanks in advance x


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