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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Shop but don't drop

I've been using mySupermarket for a while and I've noticed that there is cashback on some items via CheckoutSmart. Since CheckoutSmart isn't mentioned on the main site, I was wondering about people's experiences with using it to earn cashback.


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    Really simple. Buy the product from the correct store. Upload both sides of the receipt. Receipt then gets validated pretty quickly and payment gets sent straight to your chosen bank or paypal within a few days. HOWEVER - you can only withdraw after you have £5 and anything between the £5 and £19.99 has a 5% fee! £20+ is free. I currently have £5.15 waiting, 5 different receipts starting from May, so going to take me a while to get to the £20.

    I prefer GreenJinn - no fee, receipts get validated very quick and better choice IMO.
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