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Smoking in the kitchen

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Marriage, Relationships & Families
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  • AylesburyDuckAylesburyDuck Forumite
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    What if it’s their minor child?

    Clearly stated as adults in the original post.
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  • TakmonTakmon Forumite
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    Marvel1 wrote: »
    Yes as opposed to the family members who don't contribute to the bills in the OP's house :T

    The OP has never said that they have asked them to contribute to the bills. If they had asked them to contribute towards the bills and they have an income but have refused then yes that is unfair.

    Some people on this forum must be a nightmare to visit and must get no friends or family coming to see them because they seem to think doing what they want in their own home (even if it harms others) is perfectly acceptable.
  • TomokoAdhamiTomokoAdhami Forumite
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    I damn agree with you on "your house, your rules" but I think these adults care for you that's why they think you shouldn't smoke. Otherwise, none of us has any problem with your smoking.
  • onwards&upwardsonwards&upwards Forumite
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    Clearly stated as adults in the original post.

    I wasn’t responding to the OP.
  • tempus_fugittempus_fugit Forumite
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    I tend to smoke outside except when its really really cold and then I smoke near an open window. Not ideal for them or me, but a compromise. I must admit I keep the lounge windows open unless there's icicles on the window frame because I want to keep the ill effects of my habit off others as much as I can. But yes, it is my house etc etc.

    Not perfect but the best compromise I can do.
    That doesn't work as most of the smoke stays in the room anyway, even if the window is open.
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  • SlinkySlinky Forumite
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    OP hasn't been back since their first post, which was their only post. Never mind smoke, I'm smelling troll.
  • Marvel1Marvel1 Forumite
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    Slinky wrote: »
    OP hasn't been back since their first post, which was their only post. Never mind smoke, I'm smelling troll.

    Oh well, provided a great debate :)
  • db2016db2016 Forumite
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    i make at least 60 mins, thats probably the time people have wasted being triggered by the troll.

    saw what it was in the first post, poster's only post. no need to comment. it wasnt genuine.

    and tbf some have probably known this and posted just to have their 2p.
  • Skiddaw1Skiddaw1 Forumite
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    Yep!! :)

    I know one shouldn't feed trolls but sometimes it's irresistible to join in.
  • flanker6flanker6 Forumite
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    Marvel1 wrote: »
    Yes you are right, your house your rules, they don't like it, they can move out.

    I'd agree. Especially if you were a smoker when they moved into YOUR house.

    (Saying this as a firm non-smoker that detests the smell of cigarettes.)
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