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Nrp job hopping 😑

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Child Support
Hi bit of a rant really and wondering if anybody else has ever been in this situation(to shed some light on it)
I have just rung the cms as my payment never came in to be told my ex isn't with the company they have the deductions of earnings with but another is flagging up on the system and they will set another up. Since October last year this is the 6th change of employment so the 6th deductions of earnings. They have managed to get 2 payments in this time.
Of course every time I am told it looks like hes job hopping and if he does it again they will have to take it further which never happens. I have been dealing with the csa/cma for 13 years and to be honest 2 payments is the most I've ever got and it's never been taken any further.
Now I find it hard to believethat he has managed to change jobs 6 times in 9 months so if he was working for some kind of agency would he get paid off the agency or the company he was working for at the time?
My ex has spent 13 years avoiding providing for his kids so I'm wondering if he has now found a perfect way to do it 😑😑😑😑


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    The agency would be his employer and either they, or an umbrella company, would pay his wages. It would be consistent unless he uses various agencies for each temp assignment.

    I can't offer any advice about the rest of it :( but others will be along who can discuss the ins and outs of CMS and what, if anything, can be done.
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    It's incredibly easy to lose a temp job. You don't get extra only hours worked. There is no care of duty and in the temp'ing jobs I had as daft and bizzare as it sounds I almost felt like it was the recruitment agencies bullying employer to take me on at points.

    Working for an agency also comes at additional expenses - all of my temp roles during this year have required me to travel well beyond the town of the assignment/placement to attend a literally 5 minute appointment to give ID before starting work, that's of course with the other expense of travelling to attend interviews. And once you lose confidence that really is it. Doesn't surprise me then to go from job to job.

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  • Bugster123Bugster123 Forumite
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    Thanks I'm not up on temp jobs so not sure how they work. Guess I've just got to wait and see if he keeps moving jobs. Unfortunately as he doesn't see why he should help pay for the upkeep of his kids I'll just have to hope they manage to get the deductions of earnings before he moves again. 😑
  • Hi...

    I can't offer any help as I am in the same boat as you.Its extremely frustrating.

    I was told last time I spoke to them if he job hopped again they would not be setting up a deduction of earns but would go to court for a liberty order (think that is what they called it) so they can get permission to access his accounts....short version is he job hopped and they set up a another deductions form earnings.

    I just wonder surly they needs to be a cut off point when arrears get to a certain amount and they should be taken tougher action?!?!

    I just think of it like this if I ever receive money it goes on treats for the kids (lucky if I gt enough to treat to cinema and some food) and I can hold my head high knowing I pay for everything needed and wanting from my own money.

    As much as I know its frustrating try not to let it bother you.
  • Hi,
    It's very frustrating seems 1 step forward and ten steps back lol.
    13 years I've been going round in circles and the csa/cms's favourite word is next time 😑
    Several times I've been told they're going for a liability order but it's never happened... think they tell you what you want yo hear πŸ™„
    My deductions of earnings new date is end of September... he will have moved jobs probably twice by then. Oh well what you've never had you dont miss 😭
  • Its true they are the worse to deal with.

    You can ask 10 different people the same question and get 12 different answers lol
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