Using Amex via 3rd party (Apple Pay/Paypal etc.)

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Hi all,

So I'm currently in the process of shifting as many of my payments over to my Amex cashback card as possible, I've come across a few that unfortunately don't accept Amex but I'm wondering if the following potential workarounds are possible:

1) Using PayPal with my primary card set to my Amex card instead of directly paying via my Amex card (Adobe is an example that doesn't accept Amex but does accept PayPal)

2) Using Apple Pay for contactless payments at vendors that don't accept Amex but do allow Apple Pay.

I haven't tested either of these yet, I was wondering if anyone knows if either or both of the above would work?



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    PayPal works with Amex.
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    lw373 wrote: »
    Hi all,

    2) Using Apple Pay for contactless payments at vendors that don't accept Amex but do allow Apple Pay.


    I'm pretty sure that this doesn't work, it certainly doesn't with Android Pay. If the underlying card isn't accepted by a vendor then it won't work with Android Pay and from what I've heard it's the same with Apple Pay. This was where Curve had an advantage until Amex pulled support.
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    The PayPal scenario will work and indeed is something I do since 2006.

    Apple Pay is different as it is not a different paying method as PayPal, just let’s say an “interface” to enable contactless payment/authentication (hence the limit is above £30), but the merchant actually see which card in the Apple Wallet you are using, so if you are using Amex, they will see it. Transaction made through PayPal shows in your statement as such, with the reference always containing PayPal, whilst transaction made with Apple Pay, you can simply see the name of the merchant.
  • Also there are vendors who don't accept PayPal payment with underlying amex card. It is rare but happens. Then you need to finish transaction with either visa or MasterCard added to your PayPal account.
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    Thanks for your help all
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