How much does my dog need?

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I've got a 9 month old Bracco Italiano and I'm trying to pin down exactly how much I should be feeding him.

At the minute he gets about 400g of natures menu meat and 400g of red mills racer dry, spread across two meals...I'd estimate weight at 35kgs of dog.

I'm wondering if this is enough...sometimes he leaves some kibble but he doesn't seem particularly hungry per se...
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    Is 1200 enough calories for you? 1500? 2000?

    Like people, dogs will need varying calories depending on factors - age, size, activity level, etc. The best guide is going to be his weight/build, if he's underweight he needs more food, if he's overweight he needs less, if he's just right then stick with it.

    Just make sure you have a realistic understanding of the weight a dog should be:
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    If you are really not sure pop along to the vet and weigh him then ask one of the vet nurses what they think about his weight. You then adjust his food accordingly.

    I am not suggesting a costly vet consultation. I think most vets would be pleased to know that inexperienced owners need a little bit of (free!) reassurance, rather than having a skinny/overweight hound.
    Being polite and pleasant doesn't cost anything!
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    I agree with consulting the vet on this. The amount could change too as he grows up, so probably ask that from time to time whenever you're on the vet or even a grooming place.
  • Every dog is different and all mine have changed their food requiremtns throughout their life so if he's showing signs of hunger but not putting on weight then feed him or her some more if they are putting on weight then make sure they get enough exercise to burn the extra food off
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