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UK Hols and Theatre

We’re struggling at the moment with the huge volumes of messages we’re getting from Forumites about coronavirus and the impact it’s having on their finances. We’re a small team and we’re doing our best to manage this spike in demand.

It’s an exceptionally tough time for the holiday, travel and events industry, and we are swamped with questions about your consumer rights around cancelled concerts, flights, hotels, theatre shows etc.

We’re a small team and we want to make sure Forumites are getting the answers they need accurately and quickly. So for the time being, we are hitting pause on this board and redirecting everyone to the MSE coronavirus guides that contain all the info we have – these guides are being constantly updated:
Coronavirus Help & Your Rights * Coronavirus Travel Rights

And of course, we have the Coronavirus Boards on the forum:
Coronavirus Support & Help * Coronavirus Travel Help & Info

Suing ViaGoGo, watch this space...!

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  • XxcXxc Forumite
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    Thanks your post is brilliant
  • XxcXxc Forumite
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    I just can't believe Google have Viagogo listed on top of there searches. Yep I'm another mug out of pocket by £200, I fell thru every hole as well, but we'll annoyed that I phoned uk phone after asking if I was callinjg within uk, he said he cannot give that info out. CALL COST ME £20.
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    Karen195663Karen195663 Forumite
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    edited 10 June 2019 at 3:31PM
    Hi Katherine

    Is there a time limit on sending them that first letter and did you post it to an address or email it to their customer services?

    I was notified, on 4 May, they were giving me resale tickets which is the first I knew what they were about so I have been telling them I do not accept and they are non-compliant with regard to CRA and also terms of court order ruling.

    I want to take them to court as well - should we be setting up a pressure group because there are loads of people who have been robbed
  • PotbellypigPotbellypig Forumite
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    The silence is deafening.
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