Incorrect payment into Junior cash ISA

I wondered if anyone could provide advice on an issue that still needs resolving.
Set up a standing order a year ago to transfer funds into my daughter's junior cash ISA with the Coventry BS. My Dad had closed a kids saver account that he had set up for her and transferred £1450 to me. Whilst I was waiting for the money to leave my bank account I set up a monthly SO but failed to cancel the original SO (which was set to annual frequency). Thus, a year later the same amount was taken from my bank account. This was not supposed to happen.

When I realised what had happened I contacted the Coventry BS. They informed me that it was a matter for HMRC and that they can only return payments made in error if HMRC provide authorisation. Consequently, I spoke with HMRC (via the 0300 200 3300) who stated that they do not need to provide authorisation and told me to go and speak to the Coventry again. This happened a further 3 times with me not getting anywhere as both parties failed to budge and I was stuck in the middle with no idea how to get my money back. I went on the website and it all seems quite vague on whether it is possible to get the money returned to me.

I have contacted my own bank to see if they can recoup the money as a 'payment in error' but they have said it is unlikely as it will be perceived as a 'gift'! I am still waiting for them to get back to me.
I don't know what to do as I cannot afford to lose that sum of money; I am struggling to get anyone who can help me. Please help!!!


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