Paypal paid twice.

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I won an auction on Ebay a couple of weeks ago and paid promptly by Paypal. I had enough funds in my Paypal account to cover it. The goods were promptly delivered. Now my bank statement has arrived I see the seller has been paid twice. The correct amount was deducted from my Paypal funds and the same amount deducted from my bank account using the debit card attached to my Paypal account. What do I do now? Approach Paypal first or the seller and ask her to return my overpaid £22?


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    Check your Paypal account - it may be that your default setting is to pay by debit card, in which case, Paypal would ignore the fact you had funds in your account at that time.
    It is rare that Paypal would take the funds twice, it's more likely you overlooked the fact that the fund source was your debit card - it will tell you on the transaction in Paypal when you open it where the funds came from.

    I would not approach the seller unless you can confirm that there are two Paypal transactions to the seller.
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