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Add your feedback on energy supplier Together Energy

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  • LegendinoLegendino Forumite
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    Would be interested in knowing if you find a way to pay these people. If you read my posts above you will see I haven’t paid anything since I was switched from OneSelect.
    I also informed them I would not pay via telephone and asked for another method. 6 months later I am still waiting.
  • ACE83ACE83 Forumite
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    Just came across this thread and can't believe (well actually, I probably can believe) the amount of problems everyone else has had with TE similar to what we have had.

    Was moved top TE after OneSelect failed, initially DD was set up and worked ok, but switched to a new supplier in January19. My account was c£140 in credit, but no final bill ever materialised.
    Countless phone calls, each time promised they would produce the final bill and I would receive any refund due but it never happened.

    Finally opened a case with the Ombudsman, TE agreed to provide a final bill, refund my credit balance plus £40 goodwill. That is due to me by 1st July and still no sight, although after numerous more emails I have had a reply yesterday asking for my bank account details!

    On top of that the emails have been blatantly rude, a response to a complaint letter I sent to their official complaints email was "we can't just provide a new bill on your say so" … !!!

    cant imagine this firm lasting much longer, absolute shambolic.
  • squires55squires55 Forumite
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    Same position, moved over from One Select and left for Octopus in March 2019. Didn't receive a final bill, emailed and received no reply. Telephoned and was told 6-10 working days, nothing forthcoming. Rang again and was told beginning of July as that was when there billing ran. I'll wait till then and if no bill I will instigate a complaint.
  • philebphileb Forumite
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    Was transferred to Together Energy from Oneselect ( who went into administration) by OFGEM on December 12 2018. Took until March 2019 to get a final account in the name of Oneselect.

    Decided to change suppliers on March 12 2019 due to this.
    Still awaiting a final account from Together Energy.

    Ofgem - no help - its not our problem make and official complaint and take it up with the ombudsman in 8 weeks time if not sorted.

    We are in credit - wonder if that's the reason ?

    15 emails and still nothing -
  • philebphileb Forumite
    15 posts
    Its rated on the MSE energy site as 2 stars - I wouldn't even give them a 1 star rating
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    LegendinoLegendino Forumite
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    edited 28 July 2019 at 5:17PM
    Well, I think I am finally rid of TE ! After 7 months of trying I finally got a conversation going with a fellow from Financial Assurance at TE. He apologised for the rank poor service and over the course of a couple of weeks he produced a final bill for me (jan 2019 - july 2019) he agreed compensation with me that was taken off the final bill. He said I could pay this off at a schedule to suit myself. However I wanted to leave TE so settled the bill in one lump sum. ( wouldn’t be able to transfer while owing TE money) He also agreed to allow me to transfer without the £30.00 per fuel ‘in contract’ charges. Transfer appears to be happening, Elec on 28th, Gas at few days later. I filed a complaint with the Ombudsman in early june. It seems they wait 8 weeks ? before pursuing and I wasn’t prepared to wait a further 2 months +. Pretty poor service I think. TE is without doubt the most inefficient company I have had dealings with, and at 72 years of age that is a lot of companies.
  • RoKeMeRoKeMe Forumite
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    My nightmare with Together Energy is finally over.

    Having been a former OneSelect customer, I left Together at the beginning of February (as soon as I could).

    Their first misdemeanour was to take an extra unnecessary direct debit payment at the end of February (this was despite the very healthy credit balance on my account).

    After pestering them for a final bill on numerous occasions without success, I made a complaint to them on 4th May. The final bill was sent to me on 13th May with a promise: “A payment of £xxx.xx should be in your account within the next 3-5 working days.”

    It didn’t arrive. Numerous phone calls, e-mails, broken promises to repay and finally a complaint to Ombudsman Services led to a proposal in mid-July which was immediately accepted. They then attempted to alter the final bill issued in May. This change was in their favour, of course. They made a promise to repay me within 10 working days from 23rd July mentioning problems (yet again) with their billing system and highlighting the need to set up a BACS payment for the refund.

    The monies were finally received the afternoon of the 6th August (the 10th working day), the credit being a faster payment (FPS) with the time of payment being 5.20pm.

    Long story short. Together Energy:

    • tried to maximise my credit balance and hold it for as long as possible after switching to another supplier
    • customer services never allowed me to talk to anyone in their resolutions department to resolve the issue, despite repeated requests
    • only acted once I’d referred the issue to Ombudsman Services
    • have a billing system which is clearly not fit for purpose
    • continually lied to me (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told that I’d receive payment within the next few days: the figure always changed as I spoke to different people within customer services)

    I am a serial gas/electricity switcher: one expects the occasional problem but this is the worst experience I’ve ever had with a supplier by a long way.
  • Still we wait...

    TE's letter of apology is dated 11 Jun, after Ombudsman found in our favour, Direct Debit of £143 refund a few days later and....crickets.

    Can't get any sense out of them when I call as they still refuse to speak to me even when my husband is standing next to me (account in his name) and has verbally given them permission!

    Emailed their complaints department yet again so we shall see where that goes, have contacted Ombudsman once more asking if I need to raise yet another complaint with them about TE's refusal to refund me.

    I just want my £300+ back is that really too much to ask for?
  • I am finally rid of TE. Octopus Energy have confirmed my switch has completed.
    Feels like a heavy load has been taken off my shoulders.

    Why is no-one taking to task the architects of this 'opening up' of the energy market so the 'customers' get more choice and better value by increased competition ? What a joke. We have a high proportion of rapid rise energy companies who fall by the wayside with all the grief that entails for thousands of families.
  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    Legendino wrote: »

    Why is no-one taking to task the architects of this 'opening up' of the energy market so the 'customers' get more choice and better value by increased competition ? What a joke. We have a high proportion of rapid rise energy companies who fall by the wayside with all the grief that entails for thousands of families.

    That question has been asked more than once on these forums in the last two years ,as various Utility Cos. have fallen by the wayside.
    I asked WHY OFGEM didn't carry out a basic financial audit of such new entrants (ensuring a minimum level of cash liquidity) before granting them a license to supply.

    The answer I was given was in two parts : a) OFGEM were not equipped to carry out said auditing:( and b) any attempt to force such challenger companies to show a sufficient level of cash in reserve, would discourage new entrants and hence, reduce competition!!
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