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Corner hob

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TidymindTidymind Forumite
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We are designing our new kitchen which will be going into a newly built extension. I like the idea of a corner hob, do we have to have an extractor/cooker hood over it? I have read something saying that regulations now are iif it's a new kitchen in a new extension you have to have one or something.....I never use the one we have at the minute :cool:

Does anyone have any photo's of their corner hobs they can share please? :)


  • southcoastrgisouthcoastrgi Forumite
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    I've never seen a corner hob, also as your body isn't triangle shaped it will be a pita to use, also if you are having wooden work tops that's where the join will be & not a good idea to cut a big hole out in that position
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  • Speedster2Speedster2 Forumite
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    What do you like about the idea of the corner hob? I think it would be an awkward place to stand and cook at. An extractor over a corner would be ?.. I’m not sure, just think it would be odd. If you’ve got one what stops you turning it on when cooking to suck away smoke, steam & odours?!
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  • Waterlily24Waterlily24 Forumite
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    I agree with the above, wouldn't even consider a corner hob. Too awkward, I also use my cooker hood.

  • davemortondavemorton Forumite
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    I have a corner hob (or rather a hob in the corner) , its no problem at all. The corner goes quite deep, and the hob is brought to the front. Have enough room behind for coffee machine, kettle etc.
    Oh, just found this on diy kitchens, will explain it better. I have a the diagonal corner unit, like where the green tick is, not the red cross).

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