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Fire Alarms

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  • z1az1a Forumite
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    4 smoke detectors though.
  • jonnygee2jonnygee2 Forumite
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    I have four, and two extinguishers. A lot for a small two bed duplex but it's in a block of flats so there's other people's safety to think about.
  • TrapdoorTrapdoor Forumite
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    We have every room (except bathrooms and downstairs loo) including the garage covered by Nest Protect smoke & CO. Reasoning is that with all the various electronic devices always plugged in it makes sense. These are the cleverest alarms on the market (I believe) and also alarm with voice warnings which apparently have been proven to wake you more readily than just a siren.

    They call out which room has detected smoke so will say for example “There is smoke in the Lounge”. You can also get notifications on a mobile phone.
  • oozle1989oozle1989 Forumite
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    Thanks guys, and yes I meant smoke alarms!
  • DoozergirlDoozergirl Forumite
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    The Nest Protect system is great.

    It asks you before it scares the life out of you. Messages you if you're out of the house. It also checks its own batteries, tests for CO and provides a night light.

    We don't install anything else now. Safety first.
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