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Toilet flush parts - where to purchase??

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Toilet flush parts - where to purchase??

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mrpunk50mrpunk50 Forumite
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Hi all,

I have what a think is called "a flexi mount" dual flush on my toilet. There's a dual button on top, then inside the cistern lid a little white box attached to the cable, with the cable attached to flush valve itself.

I've managed to break the little white box which is responsible for pulling the cable. Specifically, I've snapped the little black lever inside, which the cable clips into.

I'm not allowed to post links, but I've uploaded an image of the broken part here: i.imgur*com/J40V90S.jpg

Does anyone know anywhere online or "bricks & mortar" which sells a replacement? All I can find are entire replacements for the whole flush valve system.

We've just bought our first house, so I've never had to do much DIY before. Changing the whole valve system is a bit intimidating...

Thanks!! :beer:


  • mrpunk50mrpunk50 Forumite
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    In case anyone fancies a laugh here is how I broke it:

    We've got an issue with the water pressure going into the inlet, which I'm still trying to fix. I lifted up the cistern lid to see how it was refilling, and managed to knock the top off the refill valve, spraying a constant stream of water into my face. At this point, I dropped the cistern lid onto the floor with the cable still attached.

    I had to go and use the stopcock, so at least we now know the stopcock works in our new house...
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    flashg67flashg67 Forumite
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    Funnily enough, I did the very same thing last week and couldn't see a way to take the thing apart to reattach the cable. A new flush valve complete was £4.49 from Screwfix and took less than an hour to fit. I had to sponge out the water as the flush was broken, undo the fill-valve connection & the pan connectors, lift the cistern off, remove the flush valve and refit it all.
    The valve came with everything I needed (Flowmasta)
    If it's your only toilet it may be best to get a friend or a pro to do it this time round if you're not feeling confident.
    It's not beyond the abilities of most DIYers though with bit of patience
    On the water pressure issue, is there a in-line valve to control the toilet fill - check it's fully open, or even possibly blocked/broken - they're really cheap to replace if needed.

    Edit to add, if you think the fill valve maybe faulty, may as well fit a new one at same time as the flush valve
  • snilloct1957snilloct1957 Forumite
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    I turned my single flush toilet into a dual flush with a kit I got from B & M. I'm an experienced DIY so didn't take long to fit, but if you're not feeling confident about it ask a mate in your peer group if they've done something like this.
  • EssexExileEssexExile Forumite
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    Plumbers' merchants are the place to buy plumbing parts, although I doubt they stock parts of parts like that.
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  • CornucopiaCornucopia Forumite
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  • southcoastrgisouthcoastrgi Forumite
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    Post up the pic of the syphon inside the cistern
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