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How can I achieve this body?

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  • trailingspousetrailingspouse Forumite
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    First things first - get the basics right and the rest will come.

    Be honest with yourself about your diet/how much you drink/anything else you put in your body. Eat healthy, cut the !!!!. Completely.

    Then do exercise. The important word in that sentence is 'do'. You can spend weeks researching the right fitness regime and spend a fortune on personal trainers and gym membership - but none of that matters unless you actually do 'do' it.

    Once you're eating healthy and actually exercising, you can tweak things to achieve your ultimate goals.
  • bhavicpbhavicp Forumite
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    Why is everyone saying cardio! Definitely hit the weights - As someone else said, start with the basics, squat, bench and deadlift. Within a month you'll see results if you eat decently and get enough sleep.
  • andyutd08andyutd08 Forumite
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    i wonder how many on here are actually qualified to any degree to give fitness advice, the amount of poor advice on here is staggering, its the old i go to the gym so i think i have an idea what i am talking about. If you are serious talk to a professional and go from there.
  • shayshayshayshay Forumite
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    Mictorio wrote: »
    Cardio helps to lose fat.

    Cardio helps to lose weight, sadly when people use this as their only exercise they will be losing muscle mass alongside body fat.
  • proper diet and working is the key. You have to be consistent with both in order to see your desired results.
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    LegacoidLegacoid Forumite
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    Most of the posts have focused on the technical, but my advice is simply to find an avenue of training that genuinely gets you fired up. Do that, and everything else will follow. Just wanting to look a bit more buff is, in my opinion, a pretty week motivation, but if you feel strongly driven to perform better in your chosen interest your lifestyle will change accordingly.

    For example, let's say you got into Crossfit, as previously mentioned. Very quickly you'd want to maximise your progress, acquire new skills and outperform your peers. To do that, you'd have to look into diet and auxiliary training. Your new focus would spill out into everyday activities, e.g. you'd want to jog up the stairs instead of riding the lift / escalator, viewing it as a supplementary workout.

    The same goes for a wide range of physical pursuits:

    - Modern calisthenics? Big power to weight ratio counts here, and the pay off is being able to do things that even hardened gym rats cannot. As a side-effect, you'll get leaner and your muscles will grow. FWIW this is what drives me; I'm 52 years old and can do muscle-ups, flags, front-levers etc that put "fit" twenty-somethings to shame, PTs included.

    - Martial arts? You'll move more explosively if you supplement your training with appropriate resistance exercises and improve your diet.

    Same goes for just about everything physical that requires a bit of enthusiasm and dedication: bodybuilding, tough mudders etc. etc.

    Get a strong motivation first, and the rest will follow.
  • google = workout and that’s it
  • as has been said, you really should speak to someone qualified...however you can pick up a lot from what has been put on here. sleep and diet are certainly key, also you need to enjoy the training you do. its no good dreading your next session. remember no matter what you can't out train a poor me!
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  • TomokoAdhamiTomokoAdhami Forumite
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    will369 said:
    Hi guys.

    Before I start I know it will take a lot of hard work in the gym and strict diet to achieve what I want to achieve

    My current body


    And here is what I want to achieve


    I don’t want to get massive. I just want to be lean, with slight muscle.

    Hard to tell from the picture of me but I do have slight belly fat.
    Though it is tough to judge from the picture that you have slight belly fat but I think you can achieve it with some hard work. Actually, in this quarantine, my husband made some muscles and turned his body into an athlete body. To strengthen shoulders, muscles and triceps, he does incline and decline pushups. He is doing a handstand. In the beginning, it was tough to conduct a straight handstand, and I was laughing at him, but after a week, he achieved it.

    Though he didn't have belly fat but you can try burpees, leg lifts, abdominal crunches and planks to overcome your belly fat. Moreover, this pre-workout supplement also helped him a lot for muscle enhancement, oxygen utilization and intensified metabolic functions. You can also use an excellent pre-workout supplement or even can make many of them at home and can add greek yoghurt and blueberries for taste and nutrition. 

    On the other hand, if we talk about post-workout diets, then low-fat chocolate milk could be a great choice.  You also need to take a balanced diet but healthy fats like olive oil, eggs, nuts and avocados etc. Fish and beans are also suitable for health and men who are doing muscle building. All in all, this lockdown is the best time to get muscles. Best of luck!
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    I agree with Legacoid you have to find something you enjoy doing and keep doing it 3 or 4 times a week for quite a long time to see significant results.  Weight training is brilliant but you need to know how to lift weights safely and effectively, I would always want to mix some cardio in too.  Focus on the exercise and you will naturally want to eat better.  One simple change that helps is to minimise the processed food you eat and cut down on alcohol if you drink.  Small steps sustained over a long period of time will be easier to stick to.
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