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Incorrect personalised item.

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Incorrect personalised item.

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights
This is more a hypothetical, ive contacted the seller already to make them aware of the mistake but not after pursuing a refund in this instance. However im curious about the legalities of it.

I ordered a personalised item on ebay. The personalisation was a highlighted date on a month calendar. Upon ordering i requested a specific date in June be highlighted. Once i received the goods the date was clearly highlighted however there was an issue with the calendar in that it displays June as having 31 days. So the title of the month had been changed but nothing else to reflect this.

The advert doesnt state anything about the accuracy of the calendar just that a date can be highlighted on it. Would i be correct in thinking that i could reject the item, ie get it replaced or refunded.

Following on from this, you can also choose to include a year at the top. Would you be able to reject the item if the dates on display (in relation to the weekday ie mon 14th, tues 15th etc) didnt marry up with the correct dates in that year? Ie say the date and year you picked was in relation to a saturday but the one highlighted is another day.

As mentioned ive got no inclination to follow this up, it was a cheap item but made me wonder. Theyve for all intents and purposes done what was asked (i only requested a date was highlighted after all) but its wrong.


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