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Best Quality Dog Food

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  • Mojisola wrote: »
    Why? If your dog killed and eat its own food, it would consume all those things, even bits of wool, skin and hair from the prey.

    Sorry, the point I was making was; I'm not sure if its necessarily bad to feed Wool, hooves etc to our pets but it seems to me that some brands are selling food with these things under the description of 'meat' and other transparent brands are selling the real thing 'freshly prepared meat' for actually lower prices.

    Im not a qualified nutritionist but id far rather think of my dog eating a balanced meal with real meat, veg and fruits than some unknown derivatives.

    Each to their own I suppose, sorry if my comments were misunderstood.
  • We have 3 dogs who are very special in their own little way. 2 are quite fussy and the other would happily eat my husbands dirty socks every day! I go to various dog groups and mingle with a lot of other owners every week. This is the conclusion many of us have come to...!

    * Some of these 80% meat recipes are simply too rich for many dogs.!
    * More dogs than you thing have underlying sensitivity issues - it’s normal.!
    * These highly financed brands like tails and butternut box etc are just faddy and don’t actually offer superior food or service.!
    * Customer service is very important - if you ask a question at stupid a’clock you want a quick, informative and caring response.!
    * Avoid ‘chicken meal’ or any meat ‘meal’ and look for actual ‘chicken’ or meat or ideally ‘freshly prepared chicken’ etc. ‘Meal’ usually means any part of the chicken or animal - poorest and cheapest bits!!
    * Look for people and companies who are passionate and care.
    * Always check ingredients and hidden delivery cost.

    One of our girls absolutely loves Arden Grange Adult Pork & Rice. It really seems to agree with her and she loves it. We buy 12kg bags of this and it lasts a good couple of months. We worked out it costs just over £0.50/day for her. It’s not grain free tho. Our other two are on Moonjoon Nutrition, many of the dog group member were raving about it and their service. Both have been on it for over 12 months now, love it and look great off it. One is on the Slimmers Dinner as she’s prone to put on weight. This is a high quality, Fish, Grain Free recipe and works out at £0.65/day for her. The other is on the Simply Quackers recipe. This is a similar Grain Free recipe but with about 50% Duck and works out at £0.50/day for her.

    It is a mine field out there and it’s easy to get fooled and sucked in by these big commercial brands! This is what works for us.
  • TomokoAdhamiTomokoAdhami Forumite
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    After pet food recalls, I don't take risks about pet food. Prefer to use Fromm products usually.
  • Apjs87Apjs87 Forumite
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    my dog reacted badly to raw diet.

    We switched to Pure Petfood. Its dehydrated and the dog loves it. Definitely worth a look
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    Our dog now has a nice variety, which he loves:

    Butchers wet (the trays not the tins) mixed with some Lukullus cold pressed in the morning.

    Forthglade wet mixed with some Natures Menu Mighty Mixer Meal in the evening.
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  • If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you can try tinned Chappie, I give it to my dog because she also has some problems with a stomach.
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    I'm lucky in that my boy can swap and change foods with little bother. He's had a few over the years, Arden Grange, Canagan, Lilys Kitchen etc

    A few weeks ago Ocado sent a tub of wet food for him to try called Scrumbles. I don't think I've ever seen food vanish as quickly as this did. On the back of that I researched their dry food on allaboutdogfood and it looked pretty good so I ordered a bag.
    He's the type of dog that usually picks at his dry food over the course of the day, but as soon as this Scrumbles stuff hit his bowl he ate the lot.

    He's now on scrumbles full time, with a couple of tubs of wet food mixed in a few times a week.
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    My friend's dog has had Eukaneuba (sp?) since puppyhood - just progressing up through the ages to mature adult.

    If you keep chopping and changing food her stomach will never settle down. Sorry. haven't read the whole thread - has the vet suggested a suitable diet.

    If she's a street dog, she's probably been existing on bits out of bins and gutters, half-eaten burgers, bits of sandwich and goodness knows what else (something dead probably). Even the most pampered pets salivate and lick their lips when they come across something "nasty" in the park.

    Stick to wet or dry - the dry food now is properly balanced and you can supplement it (or make it look more tasty in your eyes) with some gravy if she's struggling a bit. A couple of drops of cod liver oil too will get some extra vitamins in her if necessary. A little bit at a time even if it means feeding her a tiny amount half a dozen times a day - you can always increase amounts and reduce times when she's settled.

    A day or two "off her food" won't do her any harm now and again, we all feel less hungry sometimes. Poor little thing has probably been traumatised in her past life, so just give her lots of love, a few treats now and then she's sure to settle down and realise she's fallen on her paws.
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    IgilaoIgilao Forumite
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    I prefer to give my dog a cooked food. Like, I'll give him a viand which I've cooked and mixed it with rice :) Before he really likes dog food but when he tasted it he's now refusing to eat dog food. :)
  • britishboybritishboy Forumite
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    definately look into raw feeding (sorry, i havent read all the earlier replies), we buy ours pre-mixed and packaged from Natural Instinct, we switched our 8 year old cavalier spaniel onto it about 4 years ago (after realising how much rubbish they put into dry/kibble). She's like a puppy all over again, more energy, her weights dropped right back, her coat is better, teeth better, she hasnt once blown off since being on it (she was on Bakers for a while before we realised how rubbish it was, and she STANK daily from her bottom)

    I cant recommend raw highly enough, I'd never feed dry/kibble again. Also look into a small pea sized amount of Golden Paste (again, can buy it ready made) as a preventative measure for all its health benefits
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