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How can I achieve this body?

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will369will369 Forumite
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Hi guys.

Before I start I know it will take a lot of hard work in the gym and strict diet to achieve what I want to achieve

My current body


And here is what I want to achieve


I don’t want to get massive. I just want to be lean, with slight muscle.

Hard to tell from the picture of me but I do have slight belly fat.

I don’t currently have a diet or gym routine. Well I do but it’s all over the place.

So should I be bulking and then cut? Hitting the weights?

Or should I be smashing the cardio to get lean?

I am not expecting anyone to post me a diet plan and gym routine on here. But if you can recommend me something to google based on my body type it would be appreciated



  • gaz_moosegaz_moose Forumite
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    eat well, sleep well, do cadio and weights.
    do deadlifts, squats and bench.
  • TallaghtTallaght Forumite
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    I would concentrate on Cardio especially HITT training.
  • Owain_MoneysaverOwain_Moneysaver Forumite
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    If you want to pull, find a good tailor, and tidy your bedroom.

    Dim lighting, a bottle of wine, and intelligent conversation will do the rest.
    A kind word lasts a minute, a skelped erse is sair for a day.
  • BananaRepublicBananaRepublic Forumite
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    Cardio won’t give you that body, you need weights and changing your diet. You’re in decent shape, a bit of belly fat but probably well inside the healthy weight zone.
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    EdSwippetEdSwippet Forumite
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    will369 wrote: »
    I am not expecting anyone to post me a diet plan and gym routine on here. But if you can recommend me something to google based on my body type it would be appreciated.
    I would start by focusing on 'core exercises'. These work your abs, obliques, hip flexors, and back muscles around the waist, and I've found them highly effective for tightening up 'dad bod'. Once you see everything becoming 'sculpted', then you can add work to bulk up selected areas. Maybe some work with weights, sticking to lower weight but with high rep count (chest press, fly), and perhaps some cycling for leg muscles.

    This video will give you an idea of what's involved in 'core'. No special equipment needed, just your own body weight. You can do this in the gym or at home.
  • Finchy2018Finchy2018 Forumite
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    Joe Wicks literally posts his work outs and diet online and in books. Just do those... he has a you tube channel and work outs in the back of his books; plus gives you a diet based on macros and eating according to the exercise you have or haven't done. I don't think he could make it much easier.
  • rybennetrybennet Forumite
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    You should try CrossFit to achieve that lean muscle you're aiming for. You already have a good body to tone and start with. Just have a clean diet as well and always have at least 8 hours of sleep everyday.
  • TwoplusTwoplus Forumite
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    It's going to take you several months and a lot of hours of your time each week to get there. You can follow the Joe Wicks exercises, but unless you enjoy doing it you are unlikely to stick at it.
    My other half was similar to you but was about a stone overweight 2 years ago. He previously had several failed get fit attempts at the gym. He started a couch to 5k program 2 years ago, moved onto triathlons and is currently training to do an iron man distance triathlon, and now has a great body. (But I hardly see him as always training)
    My brother does rock climbing, fell running and kayaking, which again gives him good muscle definition.
    You need to find something you enjoy doing which uses your core, upper and lower body muscles that you will stick at and watch your diet.
  • DanipatDanipat Forumite
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    I would agree with the other post, just follow what Joe Wickes does, use his workouts and eat his meals
  • parking_question_chapparking_question_chap Forumite
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    Looks like you have an ectomorph pysique so I think the hardest part for you will be building up the muscle mass rather than the lowering your body fat.

    How many times a week can you train? and sustain in the long term without getting bored?

    Very basic advice follows.

    I would start off with a 3x a week full body workout. each workout pick four from deadlift, squat, benchpress, shoulder press, dumbell rows, lat pull down and dips, then you could end each exercise with a couple of isolation exercises eg bicep curls/calf raises/tricep press and so forth. Work in the 6-10 rep range, mixing it up. If you can easily do 10 reps then increase the weight.

    Focus on eating lean meats/ fish/ with some pasta/rice, nuts/seeds and veg also important, some fruit too.

    Get a solid 8 hours a week sleep and try to avoid processed food. Once you have put on a decent amount of muscle mass (could be well over a year, depends how good your genetics are) then look at HIIT to lower body fat percentage.
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