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Partners debt

edited 18 June 2019 at 10:44AM in Bankruptcy & Living With It
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edited 18 June 2019 at 10:44AM in Bankruptcy & Living With It
I have my own debts (£4100 owed) that I am considering a DRO for as my only income is benefits and I'm struggling.
However, my wife also has debts in her name (£15000 owed). I was wondering, instead of me doing a DRO, is there any way that we could take care of both lots of debts at once? Is there such a thing as a joint DRO or anything like that so that we only have to go through everything the one time and have it all dealt with?


  • WhenIam64WhenIam64 Forumite
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    From the guidance
    A DRO is an individual remedy. If the client is part of a couple, the financial statement must be calculated so as to show the client's surplus income only, and not that of the couple. Contributions from other family members should be included as income.

    So your surplus calculations will take into account any contribution but a DRO is specific to each of you. Also a DRO may not be suitable for your wife if she has more than £50 surplus income per month. There are strict requirements for a DRO

    You'd might want to have a chat with Stepchange, your local CAB (if they have a money advice service) or a debt charity to see which is best for each of you.
    Unlike some here, I am not omniscient. If I am wrong correct me. I won't take offence.

    The law is like an ocean - have a swim but don't drown.
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