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No auto-enrolment/workplace pension

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SheepskiSheepski Forumite
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Hi everyone,

So I've been employed by a small charity with only a few employees since March 2018 on an initial 3 year contract. When joining I signed a contract that said the company didn't have a pension but I could opt-in to a stakeholder pension through NEST. Pensions were the last thing from my mind at that point.

But more recently I've been reading about the auto-enrolment to workplace pensions rules in place since last year, and therefore have a dilemma.

If I bring it up to my boss it would cost her a lot of money (though of course it's a legal requirement) which could upset the future financial stability of the charity. We only have 3 employees including me who would be eligible.

But I also have to look out for my retirement too. Though the £60 or so I'll lose every month will make my tight budget even tighter.

Is a charity, or a company with such small numbers of staff exempt for some reason? Do I just inform her nicely and see what happens? It feels like a social etiquette/rule nightmare as much as it does a financial mess.


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