5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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    Coffee out at the garden centre yesterday morning and seeing all the families come in with elderly dads, middle aged dads and young dads (some on their own with the children) all with families because it was Fathers Day. Families together and smiling, always pleasurable.

    We had a dry day yesterday, it was also much warmer than of late and being outside to do anything was lovely.

    HWK harvested broad beans, rhubarb and radishes from the allotment all of which we love (well he doesn't like radishes BUT I DO!).

    We are hopefully going for a walk today, the first time in ages he's suggested that so I know he's feeling better from the operation and his poorly knee is less painful now he can do the physio exercises.

    Gammon for supper tonight with pineapple to be traditional, scrumptious!
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    Catching up on your pleasures.

    Some for yesterday, hmm who ordered the weather.
    1 My weird cleaning is now wet and not dry, hoover bag washed and hanging out.
    2 I made a batch of cupcakes which are nice they kind of taste like treacle but it’s using sweetener and coconut flour.
    3 Dinner was a mix of all rtcs from yesterday’s haul.
    4 Spent a bit online, I’ve been watching a set of tools DH has been after for an age, and managed to get it cheapest possible via father’s day offers. Also spent 5p on a second hand book well excluding the 2.80 p and p, though I am thinking of banning online spending for a while now, ohh and used a voucher to make an order a whole 50p plus 2.00 delivery.
    5 Changed all the pet bedding, and they tried to stop me.
    Off to hang some washing out in the hope it isn't going to rain in the next few hours....
    6 Watching last nights full moon....
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    Exhausting around here! Ms LW, Rhubarb and radishes goes someway to atone for bored beens! Sugar dipped rhubarb would give you maximum boosts in Proper Foods stakes! & bastille day. The day when the French won for the thirst time, against their own!

    Nows on withs BoP ditties for the day!

    Did my thing in the kite shed yesterday again, quite busy on dads day. Even sold the Dakota from the case. Also showing people what it is like to play with the big toys. Minds me, only two weaks to AFD. On show again at JAM 30th June. Other appearances by BoP will be notified. Mind you, as part of STEM, we do gets a lot of the girls wanting to play with our toys! There, BoP doing for education what …

    Came home and did kedgeree, with smoked mackerel. Nice and fresh, with enough left over for tonight as well. That made up for SatDay kitchen disaster when BoPsie, through no fault of her own, lost out on her poached egg with the snorker brunch! Oh, BoPsie’s poached egg, unfportualty it rolled out of BoP’s paws and ended up on the floor. Please give a minute for BoPsie. She was not impressed on her eggless brunch!

    Now BoP is on his horse today. I knows, I am inn the boiler room at the mill, but be aware of boiler rooms please. Only professionals like me should be inn the heat. No, FaceBuck, that evil of all matters thinks it can festoon you with goods. Now its seems that not only was I misled, missold, ill advised, had bad fortune, cure all redress and sky blue ginger skies. Surprise, outfits now from ‘We want your dosh dot con’. Well some outfit promises me the world of riches today just for the biggest cut of your pension. Be wise out there peoples, they are worse than the government! Especially if you are in work, never never never never never be tempted to cash it in. No advisor that is independent would even let you, but there some sharks out there. And the email from my garage saying I could upgrade my hot wheels for a souped up monster truck, not!

    Oh and another farce on FaceBuck. I am going to be an Avon Rep, bets yous all would like that! Oh, ifs yous no believe BoP, just use the duck, https://duckduckgo.com, the search engine that not tracks you, unlike google! and tab in Captain Careless and LCF!

    I has checked all the mortgage offers over the last weak and it is not on. All look cheap until you see the continued cost after paying the fees and discount ends. No BoP and BoPsie are not spending their hard earned dosh on £1500 fees to save £35 a month for 60 months? Go on get your calculator out and yeah, I save a massive, wait for it, £600! Hang fire though, I will then pay an extra £75 a month for the next 60 months! That will cost £4,500, a tal robbing of £3,900. Not on your nelly!

    BoP does not give financial advice, but when he does, you knows BoP is correct!

    Offs me horse now!

    Lunch box this weak has no clubs or penguins. They are not on offer and as such, BoP does not waste his hard earned cash on them, see above cash and trinkets. Usual of toms, strawbs, blueberries, satsumas, LieSter Red and guess, three proper chocolate digestives. There, them digestives were cheaper than the clubbed penguins!

    Talking still of pennies again and again, just managed to get the wired telephony thing redone and saving money again. Dids no realise that I had slipped out of contract and the robbers were wanting to fleece me. Sore ted now. Don’t give their greasy palms too much dosh though. PM2& The telephony thing is what connects BoP to the internetted world of nonsense! Hard wired!

    Now on to other things in the life of BoP. PM2DD Hares on the back of BoP is tingling with expectant news on the fixtures!

    That is your BoP news for today. Here’s hoping anyway!

    Oh, by the weigh, whens I talk about JAM, is not the proper blackcurrant stuff that BoP puts on his crumpet on Saturday mornings, it is the JAM! I call it the kite shed! It is inn Glawster, the big train to Warster goes through Glawster!

    That showed ‘em, eh?
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    I am officially knackered.

    Well I was on time for work but boss had slept in, however I will be paid for the half hour I sat in my car! Wrote my blog.

    Was supposed to leave at 1pm ...however someone was off sick so I ended up in kitchen all day! Blooming hot!

    Then had to go and do a big shop. An extra two will be be here! DS should be home tonight and DD1 tomorrow. So milk and bread and biscuits and cheese and loo roll!

    More tips in the jar.

    We had chips for tea.

    Much to do but I don't think it will be getting done tonight! Have just done a very early bedtime walk for the dog!

    Awh my boy is home safe ! Dogs pleased!
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    Pleasures for today (Monday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Porridge for breakfast, with some for the hens.

    3) Went on the allotment. Hens OK and I spent about an hour tidying and weeding.

    4) Made chicken tikka for lunch which we ate wraps.

    5) Popped to nearest town after lunch to hoover the car out ready for its MOT.

    6) Pizza, garlic bread and corn on the cob for tea.

    7) Bigger son phoned.

    8) Went for a walk in the forest after tea and saw 3 deer (though I am not sure if 1 and 3 weren't the same) They were small fallow deer; also heard a muntjac.

    Last exam tomorrow!!!!
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    1 Fed the fish, fed the birds, hung the washing out and continued tidying the greenhouse.
    2 Stopped for a turkey roll for lunch, used a small plate and filled the rest with salad which looked good!
    3 Tidied the greenhouse which was too warm, sat outside with a tea and cake, enjoying the weather and birds.
    4 I have a box of found bulbs and seeds from the greenhouse I found beside me just going to work through them to see when can go in tomorrow.
    5 Planning to get through some office paperwork this evening.
    6 I’ve asked for 2 handy person quotes as there’s just to much to do here so asking for help with 2 parts of it.
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    1. Had cake at work. It was tasty.

    2. Had an interesting talk by a lady in the afternoon and found out more about her job role.

    3. My new dishwasher is now plumbed in. Will be using it today for the first time.

    4. Felt really tired so take away for tea. Also as I could cook til 8 due to the dishwasher being fitted.

    5. Early night.
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    Come on Mhags, rule of BoP No:132. Has yous checked back of the sofa?
    Chips, tikka, turkey roll and salad, proper food and good for you! BoP is havings his usual with three proper chocolate digestives today as well! Tea is being drung.

    Apart from all that, here’s your BoP ditty!

    Nows I dids rabbit on and on yesterday! Well guess what, after suggestions that I become an Avon rep, buckfarce now thinks I am a qualified financial adviser! There, yous needed to knows that!

    Now on with today inn the boiler room! Wet again! And that is because we don’t have a leaky roof, but a complete lack of Yellow! Raffles is not on his best form this year! In fact this very morning Raffles did demolish the side table on his way to the window ledge! We pay his vets bill!

    Had the brewed second helpings of the smoked mackerel yesterday for dinner, with I managed not to drop any eggs on the floor. BoPsie did the stirring! No, I said she stirred the kedgeree!

    Now on about some other good things.

    We are inches away from a decent contract at the mill. Two months now to finalise it. Usual rules, BoP is correct. See notes passim!

    Fixed BoPsie’s hoover cordless thing again yesterday, she fills it up too much. It sucks!

    I thinks me that is all today!

    Next time, I think …
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    1. Parked in another lump of Fen, having left Fenboys a little while ago. Cash paid, very fair in &'s favour, as always, but still £220. Young, new apprentice is just right, too.

    2. Wow, my potato sacks are going nanas!

    3. Fed-up birdie gels, plumed feminists all - thrush, blackbird, wood pigeon, collared dove, hedge sparrow - trying to fend off tiresome amorous males. Could pretty much read the speech bubbles:-)

    4. Lovely Emporium A. called from fish/meat counter. 9 bags of 3xplaice fillets, 2 of ray wings, each well under £.
    Gladly taken, distributed en rte back and much welcomed:-)

    5. Friend's stunning crimson abutilon is never out of bloom. 2 slip cuttings are growing, one for &:-))).

    6. Grass mown, finished near 22h. Love my excellent, new, cheap mower.
    Have books, have radio, have full tank, have simple choices, have banana, have apple, have just seen 1 suture still in. Hurty stuff yesterday. Not minded to tell surgery right now.
    Enjoy your days.
    01274 760721, freephone0800 328 0006
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    A dry morning until lunchtime when it started to drip and I had been lulled into false security and gone on the bus to town without a coat, Aaagh THEN I found my little folding umbrella in the bottom of my rucksack Hoorah!

    Bargains in the charity shops, books, baby clothes, shirt for the Zebra child and 2 x nice tops for me.

    Lunch of Jacket potato with cheese, beans and salad in Debenhams restaurant and a BIG mug of black coffee, yummy!

    A new Maine top in Debenhams sale for me, sweatshirt with navy stripes on a white ground, most useful, half price in the sale.

    HWK had a cup of tea ready and waiting when I got back home, much appreciated by me! he's a kind boy.
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