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Old Style Weight Loss 2019 Part 2

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  • Rose_WoodRose_Wood Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Evening All

    Its been raining all day on and off so I haven't minded not being able to play tennis quite as much. I had my usual Sunday visitors - Mum for lunch and DS and family for Sunday dinner. DGD stayed to play afterwards but I didn't walk her all the way home as DS walked down to meet her.

    Lunch: Egg mayonnaise with spinach leaves, tomatoes and cucumber
    Dinner: Minced beef with mushrooms, cabbage and peas. Everyone else had buttery mash and then scones with jam and cream but I was good and resisted. I even managed to bake the scones without eating any of the mixture.

    Weight Loss Challenge 5/7/19 10st 6lbs
    Target 8st 12lbs

    Daily Steps Challenge 16,000
    Average daily steps: January 19,317, February 19,449, March 20,330, April 22,026, May 20,412 June 15,690
  • IzadoraIzadora Forumite
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    Sixth Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    Hi All, sorry for being MIA for a while but I had two weeks off work, a week away and some time at home, and haven't even turned the laptop on.

    Cranky, sorry to hear about your friend but how lovely that she was surrounded by people who cared about her.

    Rose, sorry to hear about your injury, I hope you heal up quickly

    Star Trek Fan and Brambling, sorry to hear that you're struggling at the moment.

    Sorry if I've missed anyone else who's having a hard time of it at the moment and I hope things are looking up for everyone.

    I haven't been near the scales for a couple of weeks but I'm expecting that it'll be quite bad when I can finally face it. I pretty much lived on pizza on holiday as the vegetarian choices were shockingly bad, drank alcohol every day for a week and then didn't make the healthiest choices when we got home. Just to top it all off we had a party this weekend where I drank my not-inconsiderable body weight in Pimm's and lager, spent most of yesterday eating leftover party food in a bid to make myself feel human and bought a stupid amount of cake for the office today as it's my birthday.

    I think it's safe to say that this challenge is a bit of a write off but I promise to try harder for the next one!!
  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    Old Style Weight Loss Challenge 2019 Second Quarter

    01/04/19 - 30/06/19

    Imperial (lbs)

    chocolatebum 7/14 -/:):):)/:)/STS/STS/STS/:)/:)/:)/STS/-/
    Cranky 5/9 -/:):):):);)/STS/:D:D/STS/STS/;)/STS/;)/:);)/STS/
    dandy-candy 0.5/7 -/:):)/STS/:D:D:o/:)/STS/STS/STS/-/-/
    Doing it my way 0/13 -/-/-/STS/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    ellie99 4/10 :)/:)/-/STS/-/:)/STS/-/:)/-/-/
    enthusiastic saver 8/14:)/:)/:):)/:):)/:)/:)/-/-/-/-/-/
    fit and freaky 2/18 -/:):)/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    Gingerlily 4.5/14 -/;)/:);)/:D:D:o/;)/:)/;)/STS/STS/:D/:):):):)/
    GreenEcoGirl +2/11 -/STS/:D:D/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    hatful of hollow 2/11 -/-/-/:):)/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    Izadora 1/18 -/:)/:D:D/:):):):)/:D:D:D:D:o/:):)/:D:D/:);)/:)/-/
    K9zz 4/12 -/:):)/:)/:D/-/:):)/:D:D:D/:)/-/:)/:)/
    katiepants 6/13 -/:):):):);)/:);)/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    kazwookie 3/12 -/:)/:)/:)/STS/STS/-/STS/-/-/-/-/
    MovingForwards 14.5/20;):):):):):):)/:)/:)/;)/:)/:);)/:)/STS/STS/
    MrsLottie 3/7 ;)/;)/:o/:);)/:o/;)/;STS/:):)/:D/STS/:)/
    Munchin 2.5/10 -/;)/;)/STS/:D/STS/;)/:)/:)/STS/-/
    Rose Wood 3/7 -/:):)/:)/STS/STS/STS/-/-/-/-/-/
    s_glover 12/16/STS/STS/:):):)/:):):)/:D:D/:):):):);)/:):):);)/:):)/
    s_glover STS/-/
    SIRENS 9/10 -/;)/:):)/:D/:D:D:D/:):):):):)/STS/STS/:):)/:):)/:o/
    star trek fan 1/14 -/:):):)/:D/-/:D:D/:)/-/-/-/-/-/
    VickyV 14/16 -/:)/:)/:):):)/:):)/:)/:):):)/:D/:)/:):):)/STS/
    vintagetea 3/? -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/:):):)/-/
    zafiro1984 5.5/14 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/:):);)/-/:):)/:)/

    Metric (kg)

    butterfly2507 0.2/9 -/:D/:);)/:):)/-/-/

    Weight Loss week 1 ..................8.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 2 ............... 35.0 lbs & +0.5 kg
    Weight Loss week 3..................12.5 lbs & 0.7 kg
    Weight Loss week 4....................8.5 lbs & 1.0 kg
    Weight Loss week 5....................4.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 6 ..................14.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 7 ....................5.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 8 ..................11.5 lbs
    Weight Loss week 9 ................... 8.5 lbs
    Weight Loss week 10 .................11.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 11 ...................9.0 lbs
    July grocery challenge £0.00/£250  
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    May I join you, please, after the 30th June?
    Never took piano lessons
    But baby you're a grand
    And I will learn to play the good notes
    And tune you up the best I can
  • Rose_WoodRose_Wood Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    867 posts

    I didn't manage to post before I went to work yesterday evening and am trying not to look at screens just before bed so a quick post now.

    I did another 24 hour fast from Sun 5pm to Mon 5pm and am pleased to say I lost another pound so am now back to where I was at the start of the challenge!! I had prawns and mushrooms in a creamy dill and lemon sauce on a bed of courgettes and an apple for my meal at 5pm last night. I did have a coffee with cream during the day so technically not a total fast I suppose.

    I can actually put my foot flat on the floor today so can now work on building up my walking again. I tried swimming yesterday which was fine. I cycled there as that way I didn't put as much pressure on my foot which also worked.

    Pilates this morning which should be ok. I am doing my exercises every day too but won't even try tennis till after I've had the ok from my physio at the end of the month, even though I know I'll be sorely tempted.

    I shall rejoin the challenge for next month but probably won't record any weight till then.

    Weight Loss Challenge 5/7/19 10st 6lbs
    Target 8st 12lbs

    Daily Steps Challenge 16,000
    Average daily steps: January 19,317, February 19,449, March 20,330, April 22,026, May 20,412 June 15,690
  • s_glovers_glover Forumite
    647 posts
    Ninth Anniversary
    I'm reporting a 2lb gain this week.
    Had a wonderful few days away last week, plenty of lovely food and drink but also plenty of walking and sea air. I actually can back exactly the same weight and have added the 2lbs since returning home last Thursday!! I've lost my mojo a bit around being away so need to get firmly back on it now and try and shift a few more lbs in the next few weeks.
  • zafiro1984zafiro1984 Forumite
    1.8K posts
    Tenth Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    A loss of 3.25 this week - so pleased

    b: usual black tea
    L: 2 eggs, a little bread, fruit
    D: soup, flan with cherries and meringue on top - a weird combination but I'm still using up the frozen but now defrosted items.
  • Rose_WoodRose_Wood Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    867 posts
    Evening Everyone

    Its raining again here! Am getting really sick of the rain now. It was nice and warm all day so was able to go out without a coat. I had Pilates this morning and managed to walk in flat shoes today so leg is definitely healing. I went shopping in our nearest city this afternoon and did quite a bit of walking. Unfortunately I tried to run across a road as I'd mistimed the Green Man and pulled it a bit! However, it is much better, though I don't expect to be playing tennis for a while.

    Lunch: Salmon, boiled egg, cucumber, tomato and avocado
    Dinner: Steak with one tiny new potato and butter and peas. Greek yoghurt with sweetener and lemon juice.
    Snack: Plum

    I was hoping to swim tomorrow morningbut won't be able to now unless I go really early as I have to drop DGD off at school. DS and his wife are away tomorrow and need to catch an early train so are dropping her off about 8.15. She is then staying for two nights so its a good job I can walk well enough to do the school run!

    Have a good evening everyone

    Weight Loss Challenge 5/7/19 10st 6lbs
    Target 8st 12lbs

    Daily Steps Challenge 16,000
    Average daily steps: January 19,317, February 19,449, March 20,330, April 22,026, May 20,412 June 15,690
  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    1,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic First Anniversary
    My scales have packed up! Think it got fed up of me weighing myself :D

    Will be up and running again in a week or so :)
  • BramblingBrambling Forumite
    2.1K posts
    1,000 Posts Second Anniversary Name Dropper Photogenic
    Evening all
    -2.5lb please Cranky. I'm really happy with that :) I've eaten mainly vegetarian or fish this week and it seems to have worked well. I also have also done a lot of decluttering and have a full garden rubbish bin :D if I'm moving I'm not eating

    B - the usual FF Greek yogurt and fruit
    L - smoked mackerel and egg salad
    D - white beans in tomato sauce with gnocchi
    S - banana, fibre one chocolate brownie
    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage   -          Anais Nin
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