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O/S Daily Monday 17th June 2019

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  • GersGers Forumite
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    Good morning all.

    I've been up and about already...the window cleaner is coming today (he was on holiday last week) so I've been clearing window ledges.

    DM is still fast asleep so things are calm so far. I'll go out for another walk today, yesterday I did one circuit of a local park which wasn't very far so will do two today! My hip has been sore overnight, I'm tempted to sleep in my lovely recliner chair to see if that helps as there's no pain when I sit in it.

    Once again a band of heavy rain is promised, yesterday was a day of showers and sunshine with more dark clouds than rain.

    My hearing aid is annoying me, something is rustling and even my hair is making a noise. If I move my hair then the rustling is so loud, perhaps it needs adjusting.

    TA - JackieO is posting in other boards so is around.

    Right folks, I hope that everyone has a good day and those that are struggling get some respite. Happy Monday to all.
  • RosyRedRosyRed Forumite
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    Morning all,
    Managed the dogwalking without getting wet but I think the rain is starting again now :(
    Hope your little DGD is improving dp1,
    Csarina likewise your OH
    HH hope you manage some peoplewatching in a cafe today,why not try a quick coffee at first just to build up your confidence ?
    TA hope the garden job gets underway.DH is doing a similar thing at the house they built the big extension for last year,and it's been a bit muddy to say the least :eek:
    SR - my roses are definitely battered :(

    Hugs to anyone else under the weather.
    DS2 stomach pain seems to be improving with the tablets the doc gave him so he's in a bit better mood.He didn't see the children yesterday but they both Facetimed him, and we 'did' Father's Day on Saturday when they stayed over.DSons bought DH beer and wine which suits him fine :)We had a lovely meal at our friends on Sat night,great to have something I didnt cook!
    I'm doing bbq ribs tonight for tea,done in my instant pot and finished in the oven for a few mins-they go down well with everyone.DGS is staying over,his other Grandma usually takes him to school on Tuesdays but she's away and his Mummy would struggle to get to work on time as her work is in a different town,but he's no bother :)
    Hope you all have a pleasant Monday x
    :heartsmil 'A woman is like a teabag: You never know her strength until you drop her in hot water'. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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    hi chums I am fine just been so busy the past few weeks.No.4 DGS Henry has started his temporary job which he has until he goes to Uni in the autumn .The money is pretty good, £8.20 p.h. but the hours are long Because of where it is I am picking him up and taking him to work every morning at 0.6.30 and again at 4.30.p.m. in the afternoon taking him home again Today was especially busy as no.3 DGS Jack also need a lift to work and. no.5 DGS started his work experience week that his school expects all the boys to do.
    So today started at 5.45 for me with a quick shower then pick up henry and drop off to work then back home for breakfast a quick swish around with the hoover then pick up DGS Jack and take him to work then on the way back a gallop around the supermarket to get some salad bits then home to make a blancmange for this weeks desserts.DGS Mikey came in at 12.00 for lunch with his school friend and they have just gone back to their work experience job in a local butchers (the boys have been making sausages and burgers all morning )
    this afternoon I shall be at the audiology clinic for my hearing check up at our local hospital at 3.30 then from there down to pick DGS Henry up from his job and take him back to his house.
    Home for me around 5.30 when my son-in-law gets home,and I will have my dinner by 6.30 and then probably pick up DGS Jack from work when he finishes at 8.00p.m. and run him home and get home myself
    round 8.30, and relax :) so quite a busy day today ,in fact for most of the week I will be too-ing and fro-ing with the boys .Jack and Henry are saving as hard as they can for their coming terms in the autumn at Uni so need every penny towards their grant as it just about covers their Halls with very little left over for actual eating money so my contribution at the moment is being their taxi as bus fares are very expensive for the boys. But they are good lads and if it helps them I don't mind .Both my DD and her OH work quite long hours themselves. Its all part of our family life ,helping each other out when we can

    But come the autumn life will calm down a bit as there will only be DGS Mikey left at home, as DGS Ben is moving up to live in London and house sharing with three of his friends.

    Apart from that I also still have my U3A and its coffee morning tomorrow morning so I shall have to fit that in as well tomorrow :)at least life is never boring :):)

    The raspberry blancmange has set very nicely so that's gone into the fridge. Managed to get a nice bag of wild rocket in the SM this morning and it was just being reduced to 35p (even nicer ) and I really like it as its hot and peppery.There were also bags of cornish new potatoes reduced to 35p so snaffled a couple of those as well. Didn't spend a great deal but have got more than enough fresh fruit and veg for the week now so no more shopping needed

    Right enough waffling I am now going to have a nice cuppa and a sit down before going to audiology later
    Hope everyone is OK and the sun is shining down on some of you.Its a bit more like April weather at the moment ,warm sun then the occasional shower.Really need a decent dose of sunshine I think

    Take care all

    JackieO xx
  • elonaelona Forumite
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    It is so nice to hear from you.

    After a busy weekend with the family I am having a really quiet and lazy day. Had a sausage sandwich and coffee for breakfast and have just put pork ribs, soup veg and stock in the pressure king pro for later. I have a nice chicken which I will roast later then remove the meat from the carcass so I can make more soup tomorrow and have cooked meat for several meals or snacks.

    My phone has been playing up and I just got a notification of several missed messages including several from the handyman who must be wondering why I did not reply so will do that later.


    I hope your hip improves. Would something like a mattress topper help?

    Hugs to all
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  • GintotmelindaGintotmelinda Forumite
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    Afternoon all. Nice to see you JackieO. Wow you are busy at the moment.

    We have had a dry day so far which is most welcome. DH hung out some bedding this.morning. Then we went out to lunch with the knit n natter group which was very nice. DH sits with another hubby who brings some of the group and they have a nice meal and chatchat as they go to the same model railway group.

    TA hope your garden work goes well has stsyed dry. taff sorry to hear about your Dad.

    Well hugs and spoons all round and enjoy your evening.

    "It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world"
  • dp1dp1 Forumite
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    Thank you to everyone for their good wishes regarding little granddaughter. Nothing much to report really...she's no better but no worse. She was still being sick so they've stopped feeding her through the tube for now and are just using the iv drip. doctor still thinks it is just a nasty bug she has picked up which has affected her particularly badly as she is so small.
    Have spoken to Dd a couple of times today and lots of texts. She did send a couple of photos of little grand daughter smiling her gorgeous smile but says she is sleeping most of the time.
    I've been at work all day today but have taken time off so I can go to visit them tomorrow.
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