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Low payout for Home Insurance Claim

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Low payout for Home Insurance Claim

edited 16 June 2019 at 3:10PM in Insurance & Life Assurance
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kalybakalyba Forumite
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edited 16 June 2019 at 3:10PM in Insurance & Life Assurance
Currently in touch with Ombudsman as our Home Insurance won't pay the full amount required to replace an expensive Nordan window. Insurers say their guys (Evander Glazing) can do the job for half the price of the Nordan quote, problem is that we can only keep our window warrantee (9 years left) if repaired by Nordan approved trades people, Evander are not on the approved list.

Awaiting outcome from Ombudsman as said earlier but also have the problem of what insurer to use next as can't have this happening again. Anyone know what Insurance Companies are happy to deal with Nordan?



  • jonesMUFCforeverjonesMUFCforever Forumite
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    Can't you claim under the warranty?
  • rosierdrosierd Forumite
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    Home insurance is there to put you in the position you were in before the claim ie to fix the window to the standard before irrespective of cost they aren't there to respect your window warranty. It won't go anywhere with FOS as they aren't doing you a disservice. Sorry its not what you want to hear.
    I work in Insurance (Broker). All views are my own.
  • mojo1mojo1 Forumite
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    Can they really cancel the warranty if you get someone else to do the work?

    With car insurance your warranty is preserved if you get another garage to do servicing and repairs, as long as they do it do a good standard and their work doesn't cause subsequent failures.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    You say the 'replacement of window' So a new window.

    Since the warranty is against a failure of the windows Nordan are not going to cover failure of somebody else's window. Presumably, the window installer will cover what he puts in.

    If you want Nordan to do it you could ask the insurance company to pay you what it will cost for their company to do it and pay the extra yourself to get Nordan to do it.
  • kalybakalyba Forumite
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    Thanks for your replies.

    The window was smashed accidentally so not a warranty job.
    mojo1 - Nordan gave me a number of a repairer that they approve of and that was £600 cheaper than themselves (would also be quicker as glass wouldn't be coming up from England and we are in a rurall area). This was the quote I sent to Royal Sun Alliance.

    It looks like a will have to fork out the extra, still waiting on ombudsmans decision.

    Problem is who do I get for Home Insurance now, all our windows and doors are Nordan!

    Just really annoyed as I've only ever had one other small claim on house insurance over 20years ago.
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