5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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    BoP is munching too many proper chocolate digestives this hour of lunch . BoPsie has noted BoP words are missing.

    You can’t have both
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    The rain stopped, only briefly this afternoon and there was this strange yellowish light playing on the window for s few seconds, it was nice but it went away again!

    A good afternoon in the shop, lots of nice folks in and quite a good till total for the Hospice.

    I don't have to cook this evening as I made chilli yesterday and it only needs a reheat, I only have to make salad.

    I got a rugby shirt in the shop yesterday for £1, for my home team so I can be red and white striped next season, FANTASTIC!

    Looking forward to going out for coffee in the morning as we've decided not to try on Sunday as the garden centres will be awash because of Fathers Day.
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    1 Jarred up some dehydrated bits.

    2 Faggots and veg for tea.

    3 I popped to Mr T after tea, I needed a few bits, I talked to an older lady having a problem with her trolley, it was one of her first times out since her husband passed, and made sure she was ok, she seemed happier once underway and having had a little chat, then 2 very brightly coloured vests reduced to 2.50 made their way into my trolley, and various very reduced salad bits, some very reduced meat, for tomorrow and for the animals. I spent more than I planned but all on useful and reduced bits.

    4 About to make a batch of cupcakes which is why I went out in the first place.

    5 Candles burning very atmospheric.
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    Friday! Pay day! Hurrah!

    Tips! Hurrah! In the jar.

    Would you like to leave at 1pm ? Oh okay!

    Home and changed. Dog in the car and off we went to the allotment. First time I've driven down. Had a lovely hour . Picked loads of weeds. Pile of rhubarb ( shared to some friends) and a lettuce that we had for tea.

    Haggis was in and out the pond and a bit stinky so he had a scrub when we got home. Lovely and soft now.

    The niecelys came for tea. We had fajitas. And baby cuddles. He's stretched since Sunday.

    Had been asked to make some cakes for a friend. Walked down with pram to drop them off.
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    Pleasures for today (Friday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Final GCSE exam! Just catering (BTEC) to go on Tuesday.

    3) Smaller son had a bit of a party with the other boys leaving the communication centre then a teacher brought them in a McDonalds.

    4) Hens OK.

    5) Man came from Freecycle for the self seeded trees that I had potted up.

    6) Chips from the van for tea.
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    A day off.

    1. Spoke to a neighbour. She was chatty - she often doesn't say much.

    2. Planted out some plants in the garden which I have grown from seed.

    3. Sunny and enjoyed a coffee in the garden.

    4. Had a glass of wine in the garden in the evening with DH.

    5. Watched and laughed at an old film in the evening with DH.
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    All round to Mhags, she's paying!
    Ms LW, inn the Forest! And you got out with some grub.

    Just bin out and seen the Big Steam Train to Warster, or the Fying Scotsman go through Stonehouse this morning. Go some soot inns me eye! Raining a bit!

    BoPsie has gone to work to get some extra pocket money. Think we can do a trip soon!

    Watching the aussies. Darn. We need them too looooose!

    PM2DD Fixtures out soon! Wes has the Scoooonts this year!

    Now just going down to do the Snorker Brunch. Late as BoPsie is getting the pocket money inn!

    Pick that one out
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    Out this evening to one of the local village halls for Flanders and Swan entertainment.

    The rain has stopped and the sun has come out, cheers me up no end.

    A baby bouncer chair came into the shop today as a donation and then came home with me at a much smaller price than if I'd bought new.

    A good and busy afternoon in the shop.

    A minature pinscher dog who came in with it's owner and was just lovely.
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    Evening all - long time no see.... again...

    I am halfway up a mountain in Tuscany, it's the last night of my holibobs. DD and I are flying home tomorrow and OH and DS are having an extra week, moving into Austria..

    Pleasures for the last week

    1. The tower in Pisa really does lean.... 294 steps to the top. Stunning though
    2. Florence, not very :money: though - 20 euros for 3 cappuccinos and a coke :eek: made it back by getting into pitti palace for free (me, as a student from the school of architecture) and reduced (kids, cos they are under 25) only OH paid full price.
    3. Beautiful Lucca, our nearest town. The book said you fall in love with it and we have
    4. Warm and sunny - sorry you've had all the rain :p it's been 25 - 31 here...
    5. A walk up a mountain, gorgeous. We will be back.
    6. early mornings on the east facing terrace, evening meal on the west one...
    7. A village with no cars - you have to leave them on the main road below. (No children either, which is weird, like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
    8. Despite being on holiday, work has been done. Nearly have a complete draft.
    9. gelato, wine, gin, pizza, etc.... :rotfl: had a Campari and soda this PM, very 1970s
    10. Being the 4 of us together, i'm sure those days are numbered so am making the most of it.

    See you back in Blighty
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
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    Same as usual. Went to work 9.5 hours today. We were very busy but busy in a good way.

    Pre work swept up and washed floors and cleaned downstairs loo.

    Dog walks done in between showers, I get a chance to nip home and take him out at lunch.

    Had some lovely pasta for lunch at work and then lasagne and salad for my tea.

    I've lost £50 grrrr was in my back pocket. Phoned supermarket who were very kind and helpful and checked CCTV ( hope I wasn't picking my nose or scratching my bum!) but it didn't drop out my pocket there.

    Got a big bunch of RTC tulips.

    Tips in the jar.

    Need to pick up DD at work later ( sigh...about 10.30 , would much rather be tucked up in bed by then! )

    DD1 in a plane after a day in Singapore between flights....got her money's worth in her $16 shower and washed and dried her undies! 3 more sleeps until a squeezy hug!
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