What was your best win of 2007???



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    Hi all,
    My best win in 2007 would have to be the two night stay in Edinburgh (incl £200 travel money) - not sure when we are going to go, probably April-May time

    Best win given away: Snazaroo face paints given to my 5 year old nephew.
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    If it counts, my best win is my engagement ring ;) if not, then it has to be the spa trip :D
    Just become FTBs & Aiming to be mortgage free by 2034 :wink:

    Thank you to all who post on the comps/freebies forums
    you've helped us save our deposit :money:
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    My Ferrari day by a long shot.
    They put me on a train to heathrow, taxi'd me to overnight 4* hotel chichester, where we had a barbecue, and free drinks, good laugh. Up and at track at Goodwood by 830am, and spent all day driving these beasts at up to 130 mph (with break for excellent lunch), then all my expenses where paid coming home. We all got a leaving present of a backpack (son nicked for school) with cordless screwdrivers and bits inside, and a ferrari memory stick as souvenir with 2 of our drives on, which is split into 3 screens of road ahead, ourselves and all the data. Fabulous, and really,really hope to do (win :D ) another. :cool:
  • Best Win: Mr kips deffo :D

    Best Material Win!: Either the £100 New Look Vouchers ( which I've only just finished spending) or Archos Media Player And DVDs ( Which alas I haven't got yet :( )
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    Easy question, My trip to Monaco, Flights and Hotel paid for and the transfers to and from Nice Airport were by Helicopter. Absolutely Amazing time.
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    My best win was probably the PS3, which made the OH very happy.....
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    Won a four night trip to LA for two people including flights and stay in 4* Wilshire Grand Hotel, transfers and £250 spending money. We are jetting off in March - and its our first trip to that part of the world so we are soooo excited. :j

    Thanks to everyone who posts and a super duper 2008 filled with many many wins for us all!:beer:
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    hello all, i must say you have some amazing prizes!! are the comps you entered just off this forum?
    Let the good times roll... :beer:
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    yip, just off this forum - incredible isnt it?!?

    good luck
    Are boogers vegetarian?!?
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    I would say £1000 co-op vouchers as i was able to give my mother some and it paid for xmas food, with out skimping, not the highest value but much needed
    Waiting to win an ITV competition.....:A
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