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What wod you do?

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BuffalosoldierBuffalosoldier Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Disability Money Matters
Hello people

I have one of those issues where you might say there are worse problems to have. My father has offered me £50k of early inheritance if I can make "sensible use" of it.
However I am on disability and other benefits and have been since 2015 and they make up the entirety of me and my partner's income. I have explored many options to try and figure out how I can best use the money to better lives of my family, however I can't find anything "sensible" to use the money for which would not put me in a situation where I have not deprived myself of assets (deprivation of assets is the term the DWP uses when someone who has savings over the £16k threshold where you no longer qualify for certain benefits, and you spend it in such a way where you deliberately cause yourself to need to claim those benefits again, instead of using the money for general living expenses like rent etc.)
Does anybody have any experience in this area or any practical advice on what I could do or should I just forget he offered it to me and leave it with him for a rainy day?

Thanks in advance for your input


  • poppy12345poppy12345 Forumite
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    There's no set rules for deprivation of capital. If you took that money and spent it on luxury holidays, gave some of it away or bought the most expensive items then yes there maybe an issue.

    If you or your partner claim PIP or DLA that won't be affected.

    £50,000 is a lot of money, if someone offered me that money there would be no questions about whether i'd accept it or not.

    Of course i'd accept it, it would mean that i could be comfortable for many years without the need for claiming benefits, no more assessments, no more worrying about when the next review will take place.

    If you do decide to take it when that money does drop below £16,000 then you'll be able to re-claim benefits but as all areas are now a full universal credit area then it would be this you'll need to claim.
  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    What sort of property are you living in ? Would it need modifications for your disability, either now or the future to help you. ? Or would moving to a new property help ?
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  • @poppy, thanks for your opinion, gives me something to think about

    @robin, I do not require and home mods, I would like to move but as I'm in a council property I wouldn't like to move to private rented accommodation because its not as secure
  • venisonvenison Forumite
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    My advice would be to say thanks but no thanks. Unless there are IHT issues when your dad passes away he can give you upto £3.000 a year as a gift, which if he uses that £3k to buy you something will not affect your benefits.
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  • Thanks for the advice!
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